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We nearly didn't make our way to Sihanoukville in Cambodia but we are certainly glad we did. We stayed at the Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville for seven awesome nights. We really loved it there. The resort has something for everyone and if we were to go back to Sihanoukville at any time of our lives, this is the place we would stay.

We stayed in a Superior Poolside Room with buffet breakfast included.

The Room

Our superior poolside room was huge and was set out well. When you first walked into the room there is a cane double lounge setting with a coffee table in front of the window. We didn't sit on the lounge much but the complimentary fruit bowl on the coffee table got visited a lot.

Right in front of the door was another sitting area with two single chairs and a table. The table wasn't quite high enough to sit at with our laptops but it was still useful. On the table were complimentary coffee mugs, fresh clean glasses, bottles of water that were provided every day, and a little bowl of coffee, tea, sugar and whitener for us to consume. Nice.

Against the opposite wall was the entertainment, kitchenette and security storage area. A mini bar fridge was supplied full of reasonably priced drinks and food items. There was enough room in the fridge to store a few extra bits and pieces however the fridge does go off when you take the key out of the key slot.

Along with the fridge, a kettle was supplied so you could make your own tea and coffee. This was really a great touch. Having the option to make yourself a cup of tea throughout the day is heavenly.

On the bench there was a safe provided. Clear instructions on how to clear the last code, set your own code and how to open and close the safe were supplied. The personal safe was be big enough to hold an iPad, a small laptop, cell phones, passports and money etc.

To the other side of the kitchenette is what we call the entertainment centre. The fancy big LCD TV with many clear English language channels helped us relax at the end of another day by the pool at the Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

We slept on a comfy queen size bed. The mattress was a tad too soft for our liking but that's personal preference. The bedding was lovely and clean. Two pillows, a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet and a quilt were all provided. Our bedding was changed daily.

On the bedside table was a guest information brochure containing information about the resort, Sihanoukville and nearby islands.

Heading towards the bathroom, there was bench space to place our luggage, a hat stand for hats and towels, and a wardrobe with many coat hangers we could use. Our room was decorated very nicely with art work on the walls and flowers throughout.

The Bathroom

We aren't very good bathroom photographers. The bathroom is a lot nicer than our photos! We arrived to a very clean bathroom with free toothbrushes, toothpaste and liquid hand wash.

Two thick bath towels and two hand towels were rolled up on the counter top. The towels were changed daily unless you decided not to have your room cleaned that day.

The really hot shower came with free body wash. Both the body wash and the hand wash containers were filled regularly.

Along the walls of the bathroom you can see the air-conditioner ducting. They're hard to hide and tend to be quite noticeable.

One last thing about the bathroom is the never ending supply of toilet paper. Beach Club Resort has taken the initiative and installed the large commercial style rolls of toilet paper. It was so nice not to have to worry about running out of toilet paper.

The bathroom was very clean, very user friendly and large enough to move around in.


Wow. Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia certainly knows how to put on a breakfast buffet. From 6:45am to 11:00am every day of the week you can eat as much as you like of the best breakfast in Sihanoukville. It's so good that people staying at other places in Sihanoukville will come for breakfast and pay $4.50 USD just for the buffet.

The buffet breakfast consisted of cornflakes or muesli with fresh milk, crispy french toast, bacon, fancy ham, baked tomatoes, potato bites, fried rice, sliced fruit and mini fruit salad bowls with yoghurt. There was more. Perhaps a healthy salad is what you're after. Feel free to make your own with deliciously fresh salad items including cheddar cheese.

A fresh “how would you like your eggs?” stand was available and can prepare your eggs or omelette however you like. All of this is combined with fantastic thick sliced bread and unlimited coffee and tea. We were certainly spoilt at breakfast time. Our breakfasts lasted all morning!

Digital Nomad Friendly

Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia was very  digital nomad friendly. Perhaps the best place we have visited and worked at this far on this trip.

Work Locations

Our bedroom was not bad for working in as it had two different styles of chair and a bed to sit on while we used our laptops. There were three power outlets available. One by the bed, one by the little table and chairs and one by the fridge that could reach the lounge area easily. However, it is what is outside the room that makes this place wonderfully digital nomad friendly.

The owners of the resort have thought of everything. There are many different types of seating arrangements out in the sitting area, the pool area, and the restaurant area to keep a digital nomad happy. So happy that you may not want to leave the resort.

Our favourite work area was a round table with a roof of tiles and leaves. A power outlet was available on the middle pole so we were able to plug in our laptops. The roof protected us from the very hot sun and the occasional rain shower. The chairs at the round table were also very comfortable. Rattan and cushion padded. We were even able to walk over to the pool, have a little swim and come back to our laptops without having to put everything away.

Other work locations included the sun beds by the pool. Especially the ones that were under the umbrellas. Who doesn't like laying on a sun bed with your laptop by a pool!

The restaurant had a number of power outlets that you could plug your laptop into as well. These were easily accessible and the staff are willing to help to make your work location comfortable.

wifi / Internet

The wifi / Internet connection was probably the fastest we have had this whole trip. It's certainly the fastest we've had in Cambodia. We were able to work in our room, next to the pool or in the restaurant.

Ports were not blocked and both uploads and downloads were fast and consistent. We had no trouble with making Skype calls using Google video chat.

Fabulous Internet. Fabulous work locations. Five stars for a digital nomad friendly resort. We could have stayed here another month or longer!


The owners and managers of the Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia have put a lot of thought into making your stay enjoyable, relaxing and awesome.

One of the most important items a hotel needs to have in Sihanoukville is a generator. The power goes off a lot in Sihanoukville. Luckily, the resort has its own generator that kicks in whenever the power goes off. It will stay on until the mains power comes back on. There is a little noise from the generator however that is a small price to pay to have power and Internet around the clock.

The pool at the resort is amazing. It is deep enough to be comfortable and long enough to be able to do laps in. If you wanted to do exercise of course. The pool was surrounded by enough sun beds to keep everyone happy with plenty of umbrellas to keep the sun off. The pool was very clean, well looked after and nice and warm.

Even if you aren't staying at the Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia you must come visit just for the Blue Cheese and Bacon Beef Burger served with potato wedges.  For $6 USD you can have the most flavoursome burger you're going to get anywhere in Cambodia. They were so good that we had them three times during our stay.  We did branch out occasionally and have spaghetti bolognaise and a barbecue burger which were also very good.

The restaurant meal and drink prices are quite reasonable when you take in account the freshness of the prepared meals. We really recommend the food at the Beach Club Resort in Sihanoukville as it really is good. For those people who are in Sihanoukville but not staying at this resort, you should come by and order yourself something tasty to eat or drink. Then you can spend some time lazing by the pool, reading a book.


Something that totally blew our minds when we checked in to the Beach Club Resort was being offered a mobile phone to use during our stay. The mobile phone had enough credit on it to make a call or two to either the resort or a preferred tuk tuk driver. Those phone numbers were pre-programmed into the cell phone. As it was a dual sim phone, we would be able to put our own sim card in and be able to make and receive calls and texts while at the beach.  What a fabulous service! Instead of taking your very expensive smart phone to the beach and possibly having it stolen you could take the provided phone instead. Fantastic.

Other services provided by the resort included an in-house massage and beauty parlour called “Relax”. We both enjoyed a foot massage there. It was so nice to be able to meander from the sun bed near the pool to the massage parlour. Delightful.

The Beach Club Resort are able to organise your travel to and from Sihanoukville for you. They can organise buses, taxies, flights and tuk tuks. All you need to do is ask. The prices are very reasonable and they are very happy to help.


Beach Club Resort is located about a five minute walk from Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It is far enough away from the craziness that Ochheuteal Beach has to offer but close enough to be able to enjoy beach life without having to pack a bag.

Twenty steps left from the front of the resort you can find a number of Khmer restaurants, and to the right of the resort, there is also many restaurants and a handy little supermarket about a two minute walk away.

You really don't need to leave the resort's grounds if you don't want to though. Great food and drink can be bought here, a fabulous pool to swim in, a massage parlour to pummel you to sleep, and awesome wifi to keep you connected to the outside world if you need it.


Beach Club Resort offers a number of accommodation options for short term and long term stays.
Check out their website for the latest prices for each room.

Beach Club Resort
23 Tola Street, Ocheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0)34 933 634, +855 (0)15 968 283

Disclaimer: We received discounted accommodation at the Beach Club Resort in return for our complete and honest review – good or bad.

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