Siem Reap Accommodation, Rithy Rine Angkor Hotel Review

We stayed at the Rithy Rine when we first arrived in Siem Reap.

The room was large. There was plenty of space for us to move around and the room had a lovely view over the hotel pool.

The hotel's decor was a little dated but not too bad. The large amount of wood used in the hotel's decoration gives the place a very distinctive ambiance.

Our room and the rest of the hotel was fairly clean. The decor may be dated but everything has been kept clean and tidy.

At first we had some trouble with the TV in our room but a staff member came up to our room, wiggled the cable and then it was fine. Like the hotel the TV setup was frayed around the edges but still did the job.

Location wise, Rithy Rine is pretty great. It is 10 or 15 minutes walk from Pub Street and walkable to the major Siem Reap attractions aside from Angkor Wat which is out of town. Near enough that the main pub/restaurant/bar area is accessible but not so close that all that noise is right on your doorstep. You want your accommodation to be near the Siem Reap nightlife, not in it. The walk also takes you over a rather scenic river.

We have nothing bad to say about the staff. Our interactions were limited but they all seemed friendly and seemed helpful.

There is a restaurant within the hotel overlooking the pool. The food was ok but not spectacular. Their amok was pretty good. There is far better food to be had outside of the hotel so for lunch and dinner I would recommend getting out of the hotel. Here are our favourite places to eat in Siem Reap. Siem Reap has some seriously awesome food on offer so get out there and try it!

The main focal point of the hotel is undoubtedly the swimming pool. It is a really nice pool. It is large and very pretty. I am not surprised that they have given as many rooms as possible a view over the pool.

In the Cambodian heat the swimming pool is a real blessing. The weather in Siem Reap tends to be hot and humid. You will really appreciate it after a long hot day spent trekking around Angkor Wat or exploring the streets of Siem Reap. Even just seeing the cool blue water when you arrive back at the hotel refreshes you.

We only stayed at Rithy Rine for a few days before we started trying out other options around town. It was an enjoyable stay however. Click here to check out Rithy Rine's current prices

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