Siem Reap Accommodation – Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel Review

Finding accommodation that ticked all the right boxes for us in Siem Reap ended up being a bit of an ordeal. There are many fabulous places that you can spend your time at, but when you are looking for certain things, you can end up staying at four different places like we did. Luckily, our fourth place was at the Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel situated on Street 20 on the east side of the river.

We found this place by taking a photograph of an advertisement for a long term rental room that was up at a supermarket. There were many other advertisements for accommodation options on the bulletin board just out the front of  Angkor Market. The same supermarket where you can buy bottles of wine for $3.95 USD. Just so you know of course.

We checked out a number of other places from the bulletin board. The prices ranged from $150 USD per month up to $600 USD per month. Of course, there are other places much lower and much higher in price. Go for the accommodation option that suits you. The Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel was advertised at $450 USD per month.

For us, the Claremont Angkor Hotel offered a very clean room in a pristinely clean hotel. First big tick off the “Finding Long Term Accommodation” List. Unfortunately, we have visited a number of accommodation options in the past where the room or the hotel / guesthouse hasn't been clean.

The room was very large. There was enough space for a queen sized bed, two side tables, a desk with a mirror attached, a tv cabinet, a large side table for a kettle, and a built in cupboard that had a few shelves and a wardrobe section.

The furniture was beautifully designed and made with a dark colour finish. Each item complimented each other very well. Due to the furniture being so dark, the lightness of the floor tiles and the white bedding lightened up the room beautifully. It was a real pleasure sleeping in this room for a month.

We requested an extra table and two chairs during our stay at the Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel. The staff were happy to oblige and brought them to our room straight away. Our room was large enough to fit our office setting comfortably.

We had a lovely ensuite bathroom to use during our stay. We were so happy to have bench space again. There is nothing like being able to spread our bathroom products out near the sink. The hot shower was certainly very hot. There was a lot of water pressure too.

Although we didn't quite get around to having a bath, the bath looked deep enough to be enjoyable. The toilet was in an odd spot behind the bathroom door. It was annoying in the middle of the night. We did get used to it though.

Daily breakfast on the sixth floor was included in our monthly rate stay. We enjoyed it immensely and got into the routine of ordering the same breakfast every day for nearly five weeks, much to the amusement of the restaurant staff. Every day we ordered a plate of the Khmer fried noodles, a freshly made omelette, toast with butter and jam, two fruit plates with no mango, and a large pot of coffee, and one of tea. We shared the noodles and omelette. It made for a delicious breakfast.

When there are a large number of guests staying at the hotel, they will put on a buffet breakfast. This is also quite nice. Freshly made crepes, french toast, sandwiches and other delectables are on offer. Mmm yum, french toast.

We often took our laptops up to the restaurant on the sixth floor at breakfast time. We were able to eat breakfast and drink not bad coffee and tea while looking out over the skyline of Siem Reap. We really enjoyed our morning breakfast work meetings up there.

The wifi access was fairly good for the entirety of our stay. Unfortunately they had locked a few ports on the router which meant that Andrew was unable to access some important items to do with his work. Apart from that, the wifi connection worked beautifully 90% of the time. If we had to use skype, we would have to go and sit right underneath the router just to get a good enough connection.

One morning, the power went off in the whole village, so we lost power and internet at the hotel. About 5 minutes later, they started a generator which brought the power back on in the hotel, and the internet / wifi back as well. We were pretty pleased!

The Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel offer guests a variety of things to do while staying at the hotel. There is a very cute pool to swim in. It certainly isn't large enough to swim laps, but very nice to dip in every now and then. There were four deck chairs with mattresses and fresh towels to use, and a lovely rainwater shower to rinse off under. Unfortunately, we did not take one photo of the pool. We cannot believe it ourselves!

Along with the pool to use, there was a pool table! We became quite the pool sharks. Not really. But we did play at least once a day for the month we were staying there so we did become quite good. The pool table is a little old and could do with some repairs, as could the pool cues. But we made do.

They also offer an in room massage service which we never got around to using. Mainly because we could get a massage 50 metres away for half the price. Thinking about it now, an in-room massage would have been lovely. Laying on our comfortable bed being massaged. Mmm.

Meals from an a la carte menu can be ordered after 6pm nightly. The meals can be eaten up on the sixth floor or in your room. The prices are quite reasonable.

Out the front of the hotel is a garden bar area. Delightful area to be honest. Both during the day and at night. At night, the area is lit up beautifully and you can order drinks from the bar. Happy hour was from 5pm to 7pm nightly. The bar garden is beautiful.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel. It may not have been the cheapest place to stay at $450 USD per month. But it certainly was perfect for us. It was clean, had great air-conditioning, a lovely breakfast daily, wifi that worked well, pleasant amenities, and very helpful staff.

Thank you Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel for making our stay in Siem Reap fabulous.

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