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Shopping in Bangkok – Tanya and her shoes

Depending where you are from, it may not surprise you when we say that at 10pm on a Monday night in Bangkok, Thailand everything is still open. Being from Perth, Australia, we are certainly not used to this. Seeing shops still open at 10pm with a lot of people still running around, spending their hard earned cash was very unusual.

There are many very large shopping centres scattered around Bangkok. Lots of them are connected to Bangkok's BTS Skytrain system. Hopping off the skytrain and walking 10 metres is sometimes all it took to enter a massive shopping mall. Many shopping centres are right next to each other with walkways between the two. You can walk for miles just going from shopping centre to shopping centre via raised walkways. Shopping in Bangkok is certainly convenient.

In one of the shopping centres, we believe it was Siam Paragon, which can be accessed from the Siam Square BTS station, there was a section of a floor selling cars. Not car themed clothing and accessories. Actual cars. And not cheap ones either. In your lunch hour you could pick up a BMW, a Mazerati, a Lotus or a Lamborghini.

Along with the very very fancy auto mobiles on sale, many shops sell clothing, bags and shoes. Just like the Jimmy Choo shoes in the photo above. Tanya even got to hold one of them. One shoe is worth $1000 USD (ish). The more expensive pairs were tucked away out of reach of grubby backpackers hands. The ladies can entertain themselves buying $5000 shoes while their husband is signing up to test drive a Lamborghini.

It's not all luxury goods of course. There are plenty of centres and street markets dedicated to far more reasonably priced stuff. There is plenty available in everyone's price bracket.

Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand is really fun. There is so much to see, money to spend and people to watch. Tourists mingle with locals, both rich and poor, with everyone shopping from 9am to 10pm, if not midnight, every day.

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