Satay Celup, Malaysian Burgers and Geographer Cafe, Melaka, Malaysia

Malaysian Burgers

To finish up on the awesome food safari of Melaka, I have saved some of the best till last. First off we have the unbelievably good Malaysian Burgers, then the expensive yet delicious Geographer Cafe, and finally McQuek's Satay Celup.


Malaysian Burgers

Check out the photo above. Doesn't look very appetising right? Fortunately for us, we were wrong also. RM 3.50 (about USD $1.15) will buy you a beef or chicken burger with a fried egg, cheese, onion / chilli jam, mayonaise, tomato sauce, lettuce and fresh tomato on a toasted sweetened white bun.

We have yet to have one, but apparently the burger “special” is to die for. A burger like the one above, but wrapped in an omelette! Every time we ask for the special, they say “Sorry, no more…” Next time!

You can see our favourite Burger Stall in Melaka at our map here.

While you are there, you can also purchase some of the best satay chicken and beef I have ever had.

Satay Chicken, Beef, Sticky Rice, Cucumber and Satay Sauce

Mmm yum… At about RM 0.40c per satay stick, between the 4 of us, (and one kid), this was a perfect feed.  The sticky rice was delicious, the satay sauce was delicious, everything was just delicious!

The Satay Chicken and Beef stall can be found next to the Malaysian Burger stand here.


Geographer Cafe, Melaka, Malaysia

Half way down Jonker Street in Melaka, you can find a very fancy cafe, Geographer Cafe. Be warned, this is a cafe based at the western tourists who visit Melaka. On this day, we needed some Western comforting…

Andrew Relaxing at The Geographer Cafe

You know you are in an expensive restaurant when the price of the drinks are almost the same price as a main meal you can have down at a local Malay restaurant. To be honest, the Geographer Cafe's food was to die for.

We ordered the tempeh bites as a snack, Andrew had the famous Geographer Curry Ramen, and I had the Geographer Tom Yam Coconut Soup. All very delicious.

Our Meal at The Geographer Cafe, Melaka, Malaysia

The Geographer Cafe promote healthy living through their food. They prefer their food without the use of MSG and only offer white meat for meals (no red meat at all).

The Geographer Cafe can be found on Jonker Street, Melaka. Please check out our food map for exact location.


McQuek's Satay Celup

Ok, we could not leave Melaka without having the Satay Celup one last time. Even though we found that going to Capitol Satay Celup was not that great (read our article and view our video here), it was still fun and something different to do (food wise).

On one of our many walks around the streets of Melaka, we found McQuek's Satay Celup. This is what the front of the restaurant looks like.

McQuek's Satay Celup

We took a photo of the front of the restaurant so you would know what to look for when you attempt to find the Restaurant via the use of our Melaka Food Map.

Now that we have been to this restaurant, Satay Celup is actually really really really really good! This restaurant wasn't as busy as Capitol Satay. Perhaps as it was out of the city of centre.

The sticks of food were only RM 0.60c each, all very fresh, all stored in a refrigerator with doors, the satay celup bowl was clean, didn't look like it had been used before. Even the drinks were fresh – fresh fruit juices that weren't full of ice and water and sugar.

McQuek's Satay Celup

My recommendation is for you to check out Capitol Satay if you have the time to wait in line for so long and then go to McQuek's Satay Celup.  If you do not have the time, go straight to McQuek's Satay Celup.

All the above restaurants and more can be found on our Melaka Food Map found here. Enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Satay Celup, Malaysian Burgers and Geographer Cafe, Melaka, Malaysia

  1. Andrew and Tanya are travelling light
    It seems they are having a ball
    They eat and they eat and they eat
    And don’t put on weight at all

  2. Bro, actually the most famous satay celup in malacca is Capitol Satay Celup. The most famous dessert in Malacca is Cendol. If you want to try our Malaysian’s burger, you should try Ramli Burger and go for special chicken burger or special beef burger, it can be found everywhere along the street at night. =) Ngonya food and chicken rice ball are good to taste as well.

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