Royal Caribbean – Legends Of The Sea Cruise – Day 3

The Sun Coming Up Over The Ocean Day 3
The Sun Coming Up Over The Ocean Day 3


It's day three of the four night Isles of Southeast Asia cruise on Royal Caribbean's Legends Of The Sea. We also celebrated our third year wedding anniversary! Awww!

We started the day off at Romeo and Juliet's Restaurant for breakfast as it was our anniversary and we wanted to do something fancy. This included ordering a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa with breakfast. Andrew had the Mimosa by the way.

The Royal Breakfast was part a la carte and part buffet. Andrew ordered a cooked breakfast while I headed straight to the make your own bircher muesli. Oh my, the selection of goodies to add to the perfectly made bircher muesli was amazing. So many different types of nuts, fresh and dried fruits, yoghurts and fruit sauces.

Royal Breakfast and Bloody Mary and Mimosa
Royal Breakfast and Bloody Mary and Mimosa
Royal Breakfast Make Your Own Bircher Muesli
Royal Breakfast Make Your Own Bircher Muesli

After breakfast, we headed to the on board shopping mall to have a look at what was available. The prices for most items are very reasonable. There are some dressier outfits that can be bought if required, along with make-up, jewellery and bags.

Everything You Could Need And More
Everything You Could Need And More

We took the time to price up some items in case you forgot something and need to buy on board. Take note that the price of alcohol is actually very reasonable thanks to it being duty-free but, there are still limitations of how much a person can bring back into a country. Singapore will only allow one litre each of beer, wine or spirits per adult person. We suggest you not go too crazy.

All the below prices are in US dollars. Prices of items quoted as of March 2013:
Tampax 20 – $10.99
Colgate 130g – $5.99
Listerine 95ml $4.50
Always maxi pads 10 – $6.25
Kotex liners 22 – $4.25
Australuan gold spf15 sunscreen – 237ml – $14.50
Aloe after gel 237ml – $14.50
Tylenol – 24caps – $12.00
Trojans Condoms- 3 pack – $4.50
KY jelly – 56ml – $7.50
Wall charger for iPhone iPod 4 – $15.95
Bacardi Spiced Select – 1l – $11.99
Chivas Regal 25yr – $299.99
Johnnie Walker Red – 2 for $35.99
Clinique Twice A Day Essentials Pack – $44
Chanel No.5 Perfume 50ml – $102
Chanel No.5 Perfume 100ml – $136
CK One Perfume 100ml – $48

Yet again we have missed the stretching, boot camp and tai chi classes at the Vitality Spa. Oh, and the “walk a mile” class. Another morning without exercising!

We did however make it to the Napkin Folding Class (Part 1) held in the Schooner bar. This was so much fun. We learned to make a candle, a flower, and a butterfly out of a napkin.

Our teacher taught us how to make each one slowly and with great instructions. We would then have a race to see who could remake it the fastest. It's amazing how quickly you can forget simple instructions once the pressure is on!

After a light lunch at the Windjammer Cafe buffet (if you can call it light), we headed outside on deck 4 and watched our arrival in Phuket, Thailand. It was a pretty exciting moment actually. We have both spent a lot of time in Thailand and have travelled all over but somehow neither of us had visited Phuket before.

On The Deck Arriving In Phuket
On The Deck Arriving In Phuket

At 12:30pm, we waited in the That's Entertainment theatre with everyone else to depart on our shore excursion to Phuket. We chose the “Phuket Sightseeing and Cabaret Extravaganza” tour that ran for seven hours. That's a long time off the ship! There were many tours that you could choose from ranging from 4 1/2 hours to 7 hours costing between $22 and $125 each.

There is no pier to moor at in Phuket. Instead the ship offers free transport between the cruise ship and Phuket bay on one of their smaller craft. If you just wanted to go to the beach or take yourself on your own independent Phuket adventure you could. Examples of other tours you could organise through Royal Caribbean in Phuket can be found here.

While waiting to depart the ship we were given stickers with the number 9 on them to put on our clothing. This indicated the bus we should get on. On the way to Phuket we finally got our first photo of the Legends Of The Sea cruise ship! Not a very good photo but a photo none the less.

Legends Of The Sea Cruise Ship From Phuket
Legends Of The Sea Cruise Ship From Phuket

Upon our arrival on dry land we were also given a little fishy thing to safety pin to our shirts. Then we followed our tour guide along the road's edge to the bus, number 9, that would take us around Phuket.

First stop was Karon Beach. We got off the bus, took some photos and wished we had time for a swim. A ten minute stop really didn't allow time for us to dip any more than our toes in the warm water. We took a few photos. Most people didn't bother leaving the air-conditioned bus.

Wat Chalong, Phuket
Wat Chalong, Phuket

After Karon beach, we stopped at Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple). This is a fine Buddhist temple set in very neat and tidy grounds. Quite a lovely place. There were however some rumblings of discontent about the toilets. Andrew and I weren't bothered but the toilets were admittedly not up to the same standard as those provided by Royal Caribbean.

Next stop was a Cashew Nut Factory where we got to see a cashew nut tree and taste a lot of free bits and pieces. It's more of a shop than a factory filled with all manner of snack foods. Others seemed to enjoy the chance to load up on bags of dried fruit and cashew based snacks. We were content to try as many free samples as possible.

Another stop and we were at a fancy tourist shopping centre full of jewellery and Thai crafts. It was a pretty building but again we weren't buying. One benefit of living out of your bag is that limited space makes saying no to shopping easy. Again, many others seemed to enjoy the opportunity and were buying up.

One more shopping stop. This time at Phuket's largest shopping mall. It's a large shopping centre similar to what you'll find anywhere else in the world. After a wander around we took the opportunity to get our McDonald's fix. It had been a while.

For the big finale of the shore excursion, we headed to a cabaret show at “Simon's Cabaret”.

Andrew and I have mixed feelings about “Simon's Cabaret Show”. The outfits and backdrops were beautifully made and presented. The performers were beautiful. There were a few comedy acts that added some excitement. However some of the performers felt very much like they were going through the motions. Perhaps the very high quality of the musical entertainment on the Legend of the Seas has spoiled us. At least we can say that we have finally been to a cabaret show in Thailand.

After the show, the members of the cast were outside waiting to take photos with us. The cost for a photo with one of the cast was 40 baht per person per photo. You were not allowed to take photos inside the theatre. We took a few photos so you can see the lovely outfits.

While this was going on the theatre's lobby was already full of people waiting for the next show. The performers being tired began to make sense.

Simon cabaret Show - I want your photo
Simon cabaret Show – I want your photo

Finally we were on the bus ready to head back to the ship. Sadly it felt like we had spent most of the day on the bus zooming from site to site. We did get to see a fair bit of Phuket even if it was from the coach window.

Andrew and I have decided that Phuket is now on our “Must visit for two months” list. The island was quite clean, the side walks walkable, and there are enough restaurants to keep us fed. We'll get back there one day.

We couldn't wait to get back on board. We really missed our cruise ship. It was our home! Once on board, we had a light dinner at Windjammer Cafe (where else!) and then headed to the top decks to watch as the ship left Phuket.

Royal Caribbean Upper Deck At Night
Royal Caribbean Upper Deck At Night

It had been a big day but we still had to see some of the “Absolutely Fab” production by the Royal Caribbean's singers and dancers. Tonight's show was a tribute to Elton John, Robbie Williams, and the Spice Girls amongst many others. A very lovely way to end the day.

And that finally brought day three and our third year wedding anniversary to a close. We had a great day and night… So tired!


Disclaimer: We received complimentary cruise tickets on the Legends Of The Sea Cruise Ship in return for our complete and honest review – good or bad. Click here for more information about Royal Caribbean International.

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