Royal Caribbean – Legends Of The Sea Cruise – Day 1

Us And Legend Of The Sea Ship - Day 1
Us And Legend Of The Sea Ship – Day 1


Day one of the four night “Isles of Southeast Asia” cruise on the Royal Caribbean ship Legends Of The Sea.

It took all of our will power to resist the temptation to head to the Marina Bay Centre Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) first thing in the morning. We knew that the ship will take passengers from around 10:30am but we thought we should wait until at least midday. All we wanted to do was get on to the cruise ship and experience everything she had to offer!

Before you head over to the check-in counters, MBCCS offers free wifi by logging into a landing page with your name and passport details. Get your last internet fix here before moving on over to the airport style check-in counters.

At midday there weren't too many people checking in although every counter was busy. The friendly Royal Caribbean staff walked us over to the Priority section as they were available to process us immediately. I am sure this looked quite amusing as we were not fancily dressed, what with our sandals and backpacks. Peak hours for checking in is usually from 12:00pm – 2:00pm so it would not have hurt for us to arrive a little earlier.

Forms were completed which included a health and safety questionnaire and immigration papers for Malaysia and Thailand. We also handed over a credit card for any purchases that we may make on the ship. For example, cocktails, fancy restaurant dinners, diamond jewellery etc.

In return for all of this we received SeaPass cards with our names printed on them. Your handy SeaPass card is your room key, your charge card as well as ID when entering or leaving the ship for day trips.

Checking In At MBCCS Singapore
Checking In At MBCCS Singapore

Because we had joined the cruise at the last minute we were unable to check-in online like most people. We do recommend you check-in online up to three days prior to your cruise as you can choose what time you would like to dine in the main dining room, choose all your excursions, and request anything special before you arrive. All of these details will be pre-loaded into your SeaPass card making the check in process quicker and easier.

Next, we moved through another security section. This was the first time we were to use our SeaPass cards. They swiped them and then asked us to smile for the camera. Our mugshots were now attached to our SeaPass cards so they would know we were who we said we were when we returned from a day trip ashore.

Through to Immigration, passports handed over, and we were stamped out of Singapore and into no-man's land. Or maybe Royal Caribbean's Legend Of The Seas' Land. (Does that even make sense? Heh.)

More security and then some questions about dinner plans, as we hadn't gone through the usual online process. Then we were finally on board! We walked through the casino before handing in our passports. Royal Caribbean would be looking after them while we were on board. All we needed was our SeaPass card. It seemed odd turning over our passports but once we got used to having a single magic card that did everything it really was convenient.

We were finally on a cruise ship! Yahoo!

Tanya and Photographer In Centrum Cruise
Tanya and Photographer In Centrum Cruise

First stop, Windjammer Cafe on deck 9 for our first meal on board. At the entrance of the cafe they had hand-sanitiser for you to use. A nice touch. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are scattered all over the ship to help keep everyone healthy and happy. We checked out the very expansive buffet, and oooh'd and ahh'd at all the cheese and salami (and the rest), then moved outside to park our bottoms.

Andrew went and got our first plate of food. Cheese, salami, cheese, salami, and of course more cheese and salami. We did eventually get other food items but we hadn't had cheese and salami for months! Oh, and cake. There was lots of cake.

I went and got us drinks. Iced Tea first up. They do offer drink packages like Evian water, unlimited soft drink, and alcohol packages, which you can pay for via your SeaPass card. However you can get lemonade, iced tea, chilled water, tea and coffee 24 hours a day for no charge. Unless you really like your Evian water or you can't live without coca cola the included beverages are quite adequate.

Windjammer Cafe - Welcome Aboard Fruit Art
Windjammer Cafe – Welcome Aboard Fruit Art
Windjammer Dessert Platter
Windjammer Dessert Platter

At 1:00pm, on the dot we were informed that all staterooms were now ready. Sweet!

While we had all of our meagre belongings with us you can check in luggage. Checked luggage is delivered to your stateroom at some time between when you board and 8pm that night. There are a lot of bags to deliver!

We are pleased to introduce the stateroom which will call home… the OceanView Stateroom. We were on the second deck. The room was the perfect size for the both of us and is bigger and more comfortable than many land based hotels we've stayed in.

Oceanview Stateroom - The View Of Everything
Oceanview Stateroom – The View Of Everything

Our Ocean View Stateroom was well designed and set out. It's only about 22sqm in size but has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The double bed was actually two twin beds put together, presumably so the beds can be separated if you so desire. It also means your partners tossing and turning won't bother you while you sleep. I liked the beside tables very much. Many places give you a comfy bed but nowhere to put the TV remote and your cup of tea.

Oceanview Stateroom - Desk Area, Mini Bar and TV
Oceanview Stateroom – Desk Area, Mini Bar and TV

When you walk into the room, closet space is on one side and the bathroom is on the other. The closet has a funky folding door that folds flat against the rest of the cupboard. Clever space saving. Inside the closet there were enough coat hangers and hanging space for far more clothes than we own.

There was also plenty of drawer and shelf space tucked away behind mirrors and around the desk area. We could live in this room quite easily. A kettle, two cups, tea, coffee, milk, a hair dryer and many power points are provided.

Oceanview Stateroom - Bathroom Sink Area
Oceanview Stateroom – Bathroom Sink Area

The bathroom has plenty of storage space also. I didn't get a picture but to the right of the sink is a tall thin cabinet that has shelving and drawers that you can fill up with your bits and pieces. There's plenty of room under the sink for extra towels if need be.

Complimentary soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion are provided. In the shower, a liquid shampoo and conditioner are available. They have certainly covered all the bases.

The shower is a little small but the water is hot and the pressure enjoyable. Because the ship processes the drinking water on board you can drink the tap water! Singaporean tap water is fine to drink but if you're coming from elsewhere in south east Asia then being able to fill a glass from the tap whenever you're thirsty is a big convenience.

The “Cruise Compass” magazine was on the desk waiting for us to go through with a fine-toothed comb. You will receive a copy of the “Cruise Compass” in your stateroom each evening. This magazine contains an itinerary and lists the schedules and activities for the next 24 hours.

As it was only day one today's Cruise Compass was all about what to expect on the ship and all the opening and closing times of the restaurants, day spa, rock climbing wall, bars and of course where the first party is being held.

Cruise Compass Day 1 - Page 1
Cruise Compass Day 1 – Page 1

The afternoon was spent exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Legends Of The Sea ship before meeting up with Sally, our Group Coordinator, and heading to the Compulsory Muster Drill at 4:30pm.

We headed to our Muster Point on Deck four. Your muster point is in large print on your SeaPass card. We waited in line with the other guests before being shown how to put on our life vests. Unfortunately, the staff member showing us was a little shorter than most of the guests so it was a little hard to see.

There are life jackets in your room as well as at the muster points. For safety reasons, please do try on your life jacket in your stateroom. They are hilariously funny to look at however they seem like they would float beautifully if the need arises. If you do try them on email us a pic 😀

Trying On Our Life Jackets On The Cruise
Trying On Our Life Jackets On The Cruise

At 5:00pm, we stopped in at the Vitality Spa Centre for a raffle draw. Filling in a card and being present for the draw gave us a chance to win up to USD $200 in free treatments. Alas we did not win. No free treatments for us although we did get to meet the staff working there and got to look through some of the treatment rooms and gym facilities. I wonder if we will return to the gym? It might happen…

Running Track on Royal Caribbeans Legends Of The Sea Ship
Running Track on Royal Caribbeans Legends Of The Sea Ship
Legends Of The Sea - Deck 9, 10, 11 During The Day
Legends Of The Sea – Deck 9, 10, 11 During The Day

Instead of working out in the gym we snacked on more complementary food at Park Cafe next to the solarium pool. While eating we watched as the ship left Singapore. It was a weird feeling knowing that this massive ship holding thousands of people was actually moving. It really didn't feel like we were on the ocean. The “ride” was extremely smooth. Certainly no need to worry about sea sickness.

After snack time we headed to Romeo & Juliet, the main dining room, for dinner. More food! Tonight's suggested dinner attire was casual. Each night has a suggested attire ranging from casual to formal.

We chose the “My Time” Dining option as opposed to booking a set time. Mainly because we didn't know what time we would want to eat. The My Time dining options allows you to dine any time from 6:00pm through to 9:00pm. You may have to wait for a seat and you may have to share a table with others depending on how many people want to eat at the same time. It does however give you more flexibility.

We sat with six other people from various parts of the world. It was great finding out why they were on the cruise, where they came from, and of course, what their food was like.

Andrew's three course meal consisted of Sopa de Tortila for entree, Prime Beef Rib for main and Strawberry Meringue for dessert. My three course meal started with Vidalia Onion Tart for entree, Linguini With Salsa Pomodoro for main and Sugar Free Chocolate Pot de Creme for dessert. Both of our meals were very delicious!

Romeo and Juliet Main Dining Hall Night 1 Menu - Vidalia Onion Tart
Romeo and Juliet Main Dining Hall Night 1 Menu – Vidalia Onion Tart
Romeo and Juliet Main Dining Hall Night 1 Menu - Page 1
Romeo and Juliet Main Dining Hall Night 1 Menu – Page 1

After dinner, we checked out the “Welcome Aboard Showtime” Spectacular in the That's Entertainment Theatre. Then we headed to the best activity of the evening, a game of bingo where we had the chance to win USD $300. Bingo! We bought a card of three games for USD $16 but sadly did not win.

At 9:30pm, we retired to our stateroom. A vase of red roses and a fruit platter were waiting for us. I could get used to this.

Self Portrait Centrum Royal Caribbean Cruise
Self Portrait Centrum Royal Caribbean Cruise

To top it off we received a phone call from Rahul, from the Concierge Lounge, saying that he would be popping by to hand deliver two extra SeaPass cards. These cards would grant us access to the Concierge Lounge on Deck 9. Checking that out will have to wait until tomorrow.

This cruise trip was getting better and better and we were still on day one. What will day two hold?


Disclaimer: We received complimentary cruise tickets on the Legends Of The Sea Cruise Ship in return for our complete and honest review – good or bad. Click here for more information about Royal Caribbean International.

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