Renting A Motorcycle On Pulau Pangkor

We rented a motorcycle on Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island), Malaysia. A bike is a handy way to get away from the tourist strip so you can see some wilderness. The island is actually fairly small so you can do a lap of the island in around 45 minutes and it would be pretty hard to get lost.

Just be really really careful. The roads are really winding, occasionally extremely narrow, the surface is really varied and there is a surprising amount of traffic with plenty of bikes and mini buses going back and forth. Really. The narrowness of the roads is very odd in parts with an allegedly two way street narrowing to about the width of a single car.

If you're after a bike (scooter) there are plenty of guesthouses around Nipah Bay that rent them for a very modest fee. The bikes are typically in pretty bad shape. All the ones I had a look at had obviously been in at least one accident. I suspect a lot of people get caught out by the tight steep turns and run wide into the ditch. Make sure that you give any bike you rent a test ride on a quiet flat street before you head out to at least check the brakes work.

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  1. Gee the sums make me think…..
    Mobile video on the bike; very innovative and took the viewer ‘there’. Great. Also the editing is very impressive. Loving it. Happy hols over Xmas. Will be thinking of you.

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