Recreating a Photograph In Edinburgh


Growing up the above the photo was a permanent fixture in my parent's home. This is myself (Andrew), my mum and my brother. Dad is presumably the one behind the camera. The photo was taken in Edinburgh in Scotland back in the 1980s. It is taken in a part of Edinburgh known as the Grassmarket and that is of course Edinburgh castle in the background.

Tanya and I happened to be in Edinburgh in late 2014 at the same time as both my mum and my brother. Given we were all in the area at the same time it seemed the perfect opportunity to take a few new photos for the family photo album approximately 25 years after the original.

We took quite a few photos this time around (hooray for digital cameras!) but I will just show you two.

family reunited in front of edinburgh castle

The great thing about doing this in a place like Edinburgh, somewhere so intensely protective of its historically significant buildings, is that the scene around us is oddly constant despite decades having past.

This also gave us the opportunity to document the addition of Zoe to our traveling family.

edinburgh castle group shot

It might seem a little strange to publish family photos publicly but hopefully this will inspire you to do something similar. Go take a look at the photos around your parent's home. I am sure you have walked past them a million times but go and actually take a close look.

Are there any photos taken somewhere you still have access to that could do with an update? If so, get everyone you can from the original photo together and take a new one to display alongside the old. It is a simple but fun activity that helps you document the passing of time as well as providing a good excuse for some nostalgia.


ANNOUNCEMENT: In other news, we have started a guide to things to do in Perth with kids. It is something we will continue to expand and update over time.

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