Phetchaburi Accommodation – Phetkasem Hotel Review

Phetkasem Hotel – Double room with fan and aircon

Up front, we didn't actually stay here at the Phetkasem Hotel (or Phet Kasem Hotel) in Phetchaburi. When we were trying to source places to stay in Phetchaburi, Thailand this place was mentioned to us but we had a lot of trouble finding any details about it.

As the place was so mysterious we thought we would visit the Phetkasem Hotel and get some info. It was only a few minutes walk from the Royal Diamond where we wound up staying (Royal Diamond review) and we thought it might help others if we got this information on the Internet for anyone trying to work out where to stay in Phetchaburi.

Phetkasem Hotel is located at: 86/1 Petch-Kasem Road, Phetchaburi. The exact location can be found on the map at the end of this post. At the front of the basic looking hotel is a sign that has the Phetkasem Hotel written in English on one side and Thai on the other. It may be handy to save the below photos to your smartphone if you are wanting to stay at the hotel. You can then show your taxi driver the picture of the sign.

The room prices sign is all in Thai. From memory, (we may be wrong here) the room prices are:
Room with fan and cold water shower: 350 Baht per night
Room with fan and AC and cold water shower: 400 Baht per night

Room with fan and hot water shower: 450 Baht per night
Room with fan and AC and hot water shower: 600 Baht per night

We are unsure what the other prices on the sign are for. We did see another sign in the foyer saying that they rent motorbikes for 250 Baht per day.

Along with the motorbike rental, the Phet Kasem Hotel also had a variety of goods for sale in the foyer. Every drink possible and a freezer stocked with really good frozen meals and icecreams. There was also a table filled with other things like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, noodle cups etc.

There was a microwave for you to use to heat up a frozen meal and a hot water dispenser to fill up your noodle cup. There was also free wifi in the foyer and in the lower floored rooms. Not sure how good the wifi is as you move away from the lobby. We were quite impressed with the facilities that they did provide.

The rooms were very basic. They did look kind of clean but not to spend a whole week in. The bed came with bedding and two towels. There was a desk, chair, wardrobe, side table and tv in the room. The bathroom was very basic. Some only come with cold water showers, others with hot water showers.

Phetkasem Hotel's very basic bathroom

The rooms at the Phetkasem Hotel are absolutely fine for a night passing through from town to town. However, if you are wanting to stay a little longer and if you have any plans to spend time working in your room then consider the Royal Diamond around the corner. It is more at 800 Baht per night but its a little more comfortable. If you want budget accommodation in Phetchaburi however, the Phetkasem Hotel is likely to be exactly what you're after.

We hope this review helped those who are trying to find information out about the Phetkasem Hotel (Phet Kasem Hotel) in Phetchaburi, Thailand. If you have a little more to spend consider the Royal Diamond (where we stayed).

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