A Perth Weekend Away, Hidden Valley Eco Lodge Review

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Who doesn't love a weekend away? And going on a trip does not have to involve an international flight and jet lag. Whether you are after a venue for a romantic night away or just need Perth hills accommodation for non-romantic purposes we have a suggestion.

Half an hour from Perth is the beautiful Hidden Valley Eco Lodge. We spent a relaxing weekend here and are genuinely surprised more people have not heard of it. Provided you have your own transport it is easily accessible from the city.

The rooms are huge and genuinely lovely. They are spacious and tastefully decorated. The perfect place to relax with someone special. We could live in these rooms. This really is luxury accommodation in the Perth hills.

Just outside the room is a large deck area with a big table and plenty of chairs, a spa and then Australian bush. It is seriously beautiful. Sitting with a glass of wine in your hand and nothing but the natural sounds of the bush is profoundly relaxing. Being able to do that while sitting in a spa really takes it to another level.

Food was provided although be aware that the hotel reception is not actually staffed twenty four hours a day. Instead we were provided with a large stockpile of food and drink before the staff packed up for the evening and went home. Suddenly the seclusion of the property got a little creepy but we made it through to morning without incident.

Hidden Valley also provides day spa services. Massages, facials, that sort of thing. We did not actually use them so we cannot comment on what they are like. Next time maybe. Judging by the quality of their hotel services I suspect they would be worth a look if you are after a day spa in the Perth hills.

The Perth Hills Discovery Centre is approximately 25 minutes drive away. If you want a jumping off point for exploring the Perth hills region Hidden Valley is a viable option. However if you are wanting a base to explore Perth itself and will be looking for things to do in Perth, Hidden Valley is probably a bit far from the action.

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