Parcel Postage Rates – Sending Stuff From Malaysia Back To Australia

How much will it cost me to send a parcel of stuff back home?

Traveling with one hand luggage sized bag has a lot of advantages. Sadly, it makes it hard to shop. Where do you fit your souvenirs, or the jacket you just had to buy? You can't really. The smart thing to do here is to either not buy anything (as if!), to buy something and get rid of something else to make room, or to send stuff home.

The costs associated with sending a parcel from Malaysia to Australia through the Malaysian POS post system is as below. As we are from Australia, we only got the prices to send to Australia. Nowhere else. Sorry.

Prices were collected from the main Ipoh POS branch in Malaysia, mid November 2011.
Boxes can be hard to come by, some POS offices will have them, otherwise you will have to ask in shops.

Airmail – will take two weeks
Up to 250 grams = RM 29.10
Add an extra 250 grams = RM 4.10
1 kilogram parcel = RM 41.40

Seamail – will take two to three months
Up to 1 kilogram = RM 26.10
Up to 3 kilograms = RM 30.30
Up to 5 kilograms = RM 36.80
Up to 10 kilograms = RM 51.50
Up to 15 kilograms = RM 64.50
Up to 20 kilograms = RM 82.20

We sent two parcels while traveling through Malaysia, one as airmail and one as seamail. Both parcels had consignment notes that we completed thoroughly and they arrived safe and sound in the time period stated. We were even able to track them online!

We are quite happy with the Malaysian Postal System.

10 thoughts on “Parcel Postage Rates – Sending Stuff From Malaysia Back To Australia

  1. Hi Guys, many thanks for postal for Malaysia,couple of suggestions, you can save a lot of weight using HTC sensation +mini keyboard, though I must admit I’m not using the keyboard much, but my phone is also doubling as my camera and for video too. we also have Vodafone WiFi gizmo, the flat one that doesn’t require plugging in, unlocked both phone and WiFi before we left and now have our own WiFi as and when needed.
    also we carry sleeping liner and I also have a silk one too as it pack down to nothing and is warm if you get cold as you double them handbag is either my backpack that attaches to my osprey pack(can’t recommend this brand highly enough)or the Danny bag which has both waiststrap and shoulder strap. also we have strong $13 brass combination locks purchased from Bunnings as keys are a drama, and we have large lockable dive type bags liteweight, that we put packs, locked, into, as often in India etc bags go on roof, with other passengers……., being sailors we also carry a length of thinnish multi-stranded stainless rigging wire, swaged each end to form a loop, and another larger brass combination padlock, good for bedroom doors that “supply” you with a padlock, locking bags in wardrobes on suss places, and fastening up rented bicycles and motorbikes, also just bought in KL a yoobao muti charger 4,400 mah, which charges my phone, ebook reader andy WiFi charger before it needs recharging, great for places like Nepal etc,you guys carry so many clothes, we have 2 tops two bottoms, 2 shoes, sox, no undies(small boobs,
    tropics too hot, also bikini n travel towel.we wash over.ight and dry under fan.we travel Asia each year for 5 mths, me 61, partner 67, you are right not to divulge contents of hand bag, you could be kicked out of the sisterhood!
    cheers, C.C

    1. Hi thanks for visiting! You made quite a few suggestions… since we first started our trip we have culled our belongings dramatically. We are both down to three tops, two bottoms, one pair of shoes and thongs each. If we could get down to one of each, I would be so much happier!

      The other suggestion of the HTC is great but working on phones or iPads (or similar) don’t really cut it when it comes to computer programming.

      Hope to meet up with you both in our travels 🙂

  2. hello tanya,

    you did mentioned surface mail took within 3 months to reach. out of curiosity, how long does it takes for sending stuff to australia using malaysia surface mail?


    1. Hi Vincent, from memory, the parcel we sent via surface mail took around 4 weeks to get to Australia from Malaysia. Not bad.

  3. Unfortunately prices have gone through the roof, just sent a 20kg box which is now around RM300. Need to find an alternative or just have to shop less.

  4. When you send via the Malaysian Postal System, upon reaching Australia, does where do we collect the parcel? Post Austrlia? Or some other service? Or do they have a door to door delivery?

    1. You will need a specific address in Australia to send your parcel to. Someone’s house or a postbox. If you know someone in Australia and use their address it will be delivered to their home.

  5. Hi there. Just wondering if anyone has any idea how much (approximately) will it cost for me to send 1 large suitcase of 32kg..a small bag of 12 kg…and a keyboard in its box to Melbourne from Klang? What are my options and do they have a door to door service? Hope to get a reply….

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