I am not going to lie to you. Sending anything from Cambodia is far too expensive to even consider buying and sending home. If you really do need to buy those 30 bags and 10 t-shirts and 100 pairs of earrings, consider either not doing it or accept the fact that you will need to carry it with you until you head into Thailand, perhaps Vietnam, or until you head home. Yes, it is that expensive.

The Cambodian post office system will happily send a letter to Australia via airmail. We sent one from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Sydney, Australia. It cost around $1.80 USD and took close to two weeks to arrive. At least the letter arrived as I did have my doubts.

As for sending parcels, this is where it gets really expensive. I am not sure of the cost of sending a parcel via Cambodia's local post system for Khmers but for us tourists, we were stuck with the EMS system.

EMS is not cheap. For example, a 5kg box sent from Cambodia to Australia will cost you $70 USD plus the box itself. That same 5kg box will cost you $107 USD to send to the USA and $93 USD to send to the United Kingdom.

Click here for the EMS price guide.

So what can you do? Well, not much really. We visited the DHL Express shop front and another courier service both in Siem Reap and were shocked at the prices they quoted us. I can't remember the prices exactly but they were more than EMS and approached the $150 USD mark.

Think before you buy in Cambodia.

11 thoughts on “Parcel Postage Rates – Price Guide to Post Stuff from Cambodia

  1. Thanks for the info. I wanted to campair it with sending from Laos. Here it will cost 30 euro to send 3 kg to the Netherlands, you pay 40 euro for 5 kg. It will arive about 3 months later by boat.

    1. Hi Joost, I would like to send a 5 kg package from Laos to the Netherlands. Do you remember which company charged 40 euros?

  2. Tried to send 2 envelopes which didn’t weight much at all, 2 tops and 3 pairs of light weight travelling pants. They wanted $37 to send to the UK which takes 2 months! For me that’s quite expensive considering the items only cost me about £5!

  3. Hello, from Laos and Vietnam they check what is in your parcel before you close it and don’t accept closed boxes, can you tell me if in Cambodia we can send parcels without showing the personal items that we put inside ? Thank you for your reply.

    1. Sorry but we honestly don’t recall. I would suggest that if you have anything particularly embarrassing that you perhaps wrap it in something else but ultimately the postal service does need to check that nothing dangerous or illegal is being posted so don’t be surprised if someone wants to take a look.

    2. I have sent quite a few parcels from Cambodia – PP and SR. They want to see ALL contents so don’t seal the box. It’s a bit time consuming but ….hey we’re on holidays. All my parcels have been sent surface mail…take 3 mths….All have arrived here in Australia. 20kg was $103 us earlier this year.

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