Our Office In Bangkok, Thailand

A hazy and beautiful sunset over looking the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

We are always looking for new, exciting and different places to work. Although we both work best first thing in the morning, preferably in our room at a desk and a comfy chair, we do like working out in public occasionally. It helps to spice things up a little.

While staying Bangkok's china town on the Chao Phraya River we found a seven story guesthouse right near where we were staying that also had a roof top restaurant and bar. But wait, what about the million dollar question? Do they have free wifi? Yes!!

Of course, we had to come back to work. The view was spectacular, the food was tasty and the drinks weren't too expensive.

Andrew hard at work on the rooftop of a seventh floor building

A small problem we run into often is that, although an establishment offers free wifi, there are hardly any power outlets for you to plug in your laptop. Our laptop batteries are pretty good but do need power after two hours or so.

At the River View Guest House Rooftop Bar, the only power outlets available were behind the couches. There were none at the tables. This meant that we had a choice of working at a comfy table and chairs with no power or working on a less comfortable (for working) lounge with power. We chose the lounge. Take that, electricity!!

It seems that we have the same problem with power points, tables and couches everywhere we go. Luckily, the view at this office was so amazing that we were able to get over it.

Click the images below to see them in all their glory.


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