Open University Australia – Undergraduate Units Without Exams Updated


Following on from my original post about Open University Australia's Undergraduate Units Without Exams found here, below is the updated list of all undergraduate units offered by Open University Australia without exams meaning that you can take them from anywhere in the world.

Please use the below list as a guide only. OUA offer a lot of units online, I may have missed some, or the universities have updated details and may or may not offer those units without invigilated exams.

Hopefully this will help people study while they travel. Being location independent does not mean you have to give up on your university degree(s). Just be smart about it.

Open University Australia – Undergraduate Units without exams

ABR13 Contested Knowledges

ABS17 Australian Indigenous Cultures (Lifestyles, Past and Present)
ABS28 Post Contact Indigenous History
ABS36 Social Justice & Legal Issues
ABS37 Indigenous Australian Advocacy, Empowerment and Power

ABT10 Australian Society and Cultures
ABT11 Research Methods 1A
ABT13 Aboriginal Cultures
ABT14 Contemporary Aboriginal Issues
ABT15 Aboriginal People, History and Colonialism
ABT16 Indigenous Philosophy: Contesting Knowledge in Social Science
ABT17 Being and Belonging: Culture and Identity
ABT18 Comparative Indigenous Studies
ABT19 Colonial Experiment: Australian History 1788-1918
ABT21 Australian Society, Aboriginal Voices
ABT23 Archaeology and Aboriginal Studies
ABT24 Rights and Racism
ABT25 Indigenous Arts, Culture and Design
ABT26 Forging a Nation: Australian History 1920-2020
ABT31 Comparative Indigenous Studies
ABT33 Indigenous Knowledges and the Social Sciences
ABT35 Archaeology and Aboriginal Studies
ABT36 Caring for Country
ABT37 Things that Matter: the Material Culture of Australia's Past

ABY11 Yolngu Languages & Culture 1
ABY21 Yolngu Languages & Culture 2
ABY35 Special Project in Yolngu Language & Culture

ACG26 Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting

ADV201 Concept Development and Copywriting
ADV308 Media, Advertising, Sports and Society

ANT110 Drugs across Cultures

AUS21 Australian Studies: Debates in Australian History

BLS210 Sports Administration 2
BLS340 Tax in Sport
BLS350 International Sport

BLW37 Advocacy (Previously Litigation)

BUS290 International Financial Markets and Institutions

CCJ16 Professional Communication
CCJ24 Law for Criminal Justice Professionals
CCJ31 Regulation and White Collar Crime
CCJ32 Social Science Research Methods
CCJ36 Punishment, Justice and Reform
CCJ39 Race, Crime and Justice

CHB241 Contemporary China

CHN11 Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 1A
CHN12 Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) 1B
CH221 Modern Standard Chinese 2A
CH222 Modern Standard Chinese 2B
CHN31 Modern Standard Chinese 3A
CHN32 Modern Standard Chinese 3B

CIM12 Texts and Contexts

CIS310 Professional Reading and Writing in Information Systems Strategy
CIS360 Information Systems Project Management

CJR200 News Writing and Ethics
CJR220 News and Information Gathering
CJR300 Journalism Cultures
CJR310 International Journalism
CJR320 Broadcast Journalism
CJR330 Online News Production
CJR350 Feature Writing

CLT110 Text, Image, Culture
CLT120 Vision, Visuality and Everyday Life
CLT210 Australian Cultural Studies
CLT220 Graffiti, Kitch and Trash: Crimes of Style
CLT230 The Cultural Studies of Writing: From the Great Poet to Viral Aesthetics
CLT310 Unassimilable Bodies: unAustralian Cultural Studues
CLT320 Asian Cultural Studies
CLT330 Multimedia: The Poetics of New Media
CLT340 Genre Writing
CLT370 Advanced Research in Cultural Studies

CMM10 Screen Hisory and Research
CMM129 Styles and Genres of Journalism
CMM16 New Communication Technologies
CMM17 Introduction to Screen Analysis
CMM18 News and Politics
CMM19 Text and Culture
CMM221 Television Studies
CMM23/33 Media Buying & Planning
CMM241 Screen Analysis 2
CMM251 Public Writing
CMM28 Classic Hollywood Cinema
CMM29 Styles and Genres of Journalism
CMM31 Media Audiences
CMM33 Media Buying and Planning
CMM37 Documentary Scriptwriting
CMM38 Drama Scriptwriting

COD125 Introduction to Community Development
COD324A Projects in Community Development
COD334A Creative Ways to Work with Community

COM10 Academic Writing
COM12 Business Communications
COM13 Organizational Behavior & Communication
COM14 Creative and Professional Writing
COM15 Developing Research & Analytical Skills
COM21 Management Communication
COM22/32 New Media: Communications in the Electronic Age
COM31 Organisational Communication
COM33 Communication Project

CUL11 Protecting Heritage Places

CWR110 Creative Writing, Forms and Structures
CWR111 Writing the Short Story
CWR210 Writing Poetry
CWR211 Writing Crime and Contemporary Romance
CWR213 Writing for Children and Adolescents

ECO320 Economic Development Project

EDE101 Effective Communication: Academic and Professional Contexts 101
EDE102 Pedadogy and Play (Birth – 5 years)
EDE103 Children’s Development (Birth – 8 years)
EDE104 Numeracy (Birth – 5 years)
EDE105 Health, Child Protection and Physical Education (Birth – 8 years) (Practical Exam)
EDE106 Language and Multiliteracies (Birth – 5 years)
EDE107 Professional Practice in Early Learning Centres
EDE201 Curriculum Development in ECE
EDE202 The Creative Arts and Design in ECE
EDE203 Diverse Abilities: Inclusive Practices (0 – 8 years)
EDE204 Social & Emotional Development (Birth to 8 years)
EDE205 Assessment Practices in ECE
EDE206 Professional Practice and Enquiry based Programming (4 – 6 years)
EDE207 Language and Multiliteracies (5 – 8 years)
EDE301 Literacy Teaching and Learning (6 – 8 years)
EDE302 Cultural Contexts and Social Justice (Birth – 8 years)
EDE304 Professional Practice (Years 1 – 3)
EDE306 The Performing Arts in ECE

EDP120 Introduction to Teaching
EDP125 Development and Education
EDP130 Technologies for Learning
EDP135 Introduction to Curriculum
EDP136 Mathematics Education 1
EDP137 Literacy Education 1
EDP140 Assessment for Learning
EDP155 Understanding Learning
EDP215 Technology and Enterprise Education
EDP220 Behaviour Management
EDP225 Science Education
EDP230 Literacy Education 2
EDP245 Mathematics Education 2
EDP250 Educating Students with Diverse Abilities
EDP260 Arts Education
EDP310 Curriculum and Culture
EDP315 Society and Environment Education
EDP325 Professional Practice in Primary Education
EDP335 Literacy Education
EDP360 Physical and Health Education
EDP370 Indigenous Australian Education
EDP410 Integrated Programming
EDP417 Teacher as Researcher
EDP425 Internship
EDP440 Mathematics Education

EDU110 Education: The Psychological Context
EDU120 Education: The Social & Historical Context
EDU250 Mathematics in the Primary School
EDU310 Teaching Beginning Reading

EHR201 Management Employee Relations

ENG110 Introduction to English
ENG210 Creative Writing 1
ENG211 Literature and Culture: Representations of the Medieval
ENG315 Contemporary Australian Children’s Literature
ENG320 Victorian Literary Culture
ENG340 Creative Writing Project
ENG360 Shakespeare
ENG390 Textual Practices – Capstone Unit

ENR112 Sustainable Engineering Practice
ENR113 Engineering Design and Innovation

GEN14 Defining Women: Social Institutions and Cultural Diversity

GPH11 Introduction to Human Geography

HEA110 Human Health (enabling unit, may count as a credit)

HST110 The Making Of Australia
HST120 The world since 1945: An Australian Perspective
HST130 The Fall of the Roman Republic
HST140 Myth in the Ancient World
HST150 The Worlds of Early Modern Europe
HST155 Archaeology and the Early History of Israel
HST200 Ancient Greek A
HST210 Currency Lasses and Chesty Bonds: Gender in Australian History
HST220 War and Peace in World History
HST225 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age
HST230 Latin A
HST240 The Roman Eastern Frontier
HST245 The Dead Sea Scrolls: Context and Content
HST250 Pagans, Jews and Christians: Athens and Jerusalem
HST255 From Constantine to Justinian: Church and State in Late Antiquity
HST260 The Olympic Games, Ancient and Modern
HST265 Art and Architecture Through Roman Eyes
HST310 Twentieth Century Europe
HST320 Australian History Since 1901
HST330 The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
HST335 Sparta and Greece: Archaic and Classical
HST340 Prehistory to Pompeii: Archaeology in Ancient Italy
HST350 Animals in the Ancient World
HST370 From the Beats to Big Brother: Popular Culture Since the 1950s
HST380 Making History Capstone Unit
HST390 Ancient History Capstone

HUM100 Engaging in the Humanities

IND11 Indonesian Studies 1A (not recommended unless fluent)
IND12 Indonesian Studies 1B (not recommended unless fluent)
IND21 Indonesian Studies 2A (not recommended unless fluent)
IND22 Indonesian Studies 2B (not recommended unless fluent)

JPE101 Introductory Japanese I
JPE102 Introductory Japanese II
JPE201 Intermediate Japanese I
JPE202 Intermediate Japanese II

LCS12 Writing the Nation: Australian Literature to 1950
LCS23 Narrative Fiction B
LCS31 Australian Literature and History A
LCS32 Australian Literature and History B

LEG102 Sustainability, Science and Law

LIM115 Recordkeeping Concepts and Practice
LIM125 Information Management Technologies
LIM135 Management of Recordkeeping and Archives Services
LIM215 Archives Concepts and Practice
LIM225 Information Design
LIM235 Management of Recordkeeping and Archives Services
LIM245 Enterprise Content Management
LIM315 Knowledge Management Principles
LIM325 Enterprise Content Management
LIM335 Professional Issues

LIS120 Professional Practive in Information Services
LIS220 Resource Description and Access
LIS330 Information Theory and Research

LST210 Writing in English

MAN15 Issues in Small Business Management
MAN29 Survey Research Methods

MAR22 Sales Management
MAR29 Survey Research Methods
MAR301 Services, Marketing and Management
MAR331 Strategic Marketing Planning Project

MED104 Engaging Media

MMA110 Writing Angles: Popular and Professional

MMC110 Digital Video Projects 201
MMC120 Web Animation with Flash
MMC130 Computer Games
MMC140 Digital Imaging with Photoshop

MMV100 Studio Photography Online 1
MMV110 Photographic Digital Imaging

NED11 Internet Design Introduction
NED12 Internet Design Advanced
NED23 Internet Design Usability
NED24 Internet Design Dynamic Environments
NED35 Internet Design Interactivity
NED36 Internet Design Project

NET102 Internet and Everyday Life
NET204 Internet Communities and Social Networks
NET205 Internet Commerce and Consumers
NET303 Internet Politics and Power
NET308 Internet Collaboration and Organisation
NET390 Internet Studies Project – DOES NOT COUNT

NMA110 Writing Angels: Popular and Professional

NMC140 Digital Imaging with Photoshop

NMV100 Studio Photography Online 1
NMV110 Photographic Digital Imaging

OHS201 Principles of Occupational Health and Safety
OHS202 Principles of Environmental Management
OHS211 Case Studies in OHSE
OHS221 OHSE Hazards
OHS311 OHSE Management Systems
OHS321 OHSE Risk Management
OHS341 OHSE Performance Measurement

PHI110 Philosophy, Morality & Society
PHI120 Critical Thinking
PHI130 Mind, Meaning and Metaphysics
PHI210 Practical Ethics
PHI220 Body and Mind
PHI230 Business and Professional Ethics
PHI310 Philosophy & Cognitive Science
PHI320 Theories of Justice
PHI350 Philosophy and Cinema
PHI370 Philosophy Capstone Unit

PLT110 Australian Politics in a Global Context
PLT120 Introduction to Global Politics
PLT210 Contemporary Issues in Australian Politics: Race, Nation, Class and Gender
PLT220 Power and Legitimacy in Modern Political Thought
PLT310 States and Nations
PLT350 Australian Foreign Policy
PLT370 Australian Public Policy
PLT390 Political Thought in Action

PSS100 Introduction to Sociology
PSS210 Psychology of Wellbeing
PSS305 Globalisation and Multiple Modernities
PSS350 Psychological Measurement Project

PSY130 Organisational Behaviour
PSY210 Developmental Psychology

PWP110 Introduction to Writing
PWP121 Writing, Rhetoric and Persuasion
PWP211 Writing, Editing and Publishing
PWP221 Writing Magazine Features

REL11 Religion Studies: The Long Search
REL12 Religion Studies: Myth, Ritual and the Sacred
REL15 Buddhism Past & Present
REL17 Religions of Asia
REL200 Religions of the Ancient World
REL210 Christian Scriptures
REL22 Buddhist Meditation Traditions
REL300 Contemporary Issues in Religion
REL310 Islam: Past and Present

SCB100 Scientific Skills & Communication
SCB160 Outbreak: The detection and control of Infectious Disease
SCB302 Ecology

SCC110 Analytical Science

SCE200 Energy and the Earth’s Environment
SCE300 Environmental Studies

SCI110 Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety
SCI17 Cultural Perspectives on Science & Technology
SCI300 Instrumentation for Scientists and Engineers

SGY110 Australian and Global Society
SGY120 Introduction to Popular Culture and Society
SGY130 Youth and Society
SGY14 Social Sciences in Australia
SGY220 Power, Difference & Recognition
SGY230 Sociology of Identity
SGY240 Methods of Social Research
SGY250 Material Culture and Commodity Culture
SGY280 Sociology of Media
SGY290 Generations: Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age
SGY310 Human Services: Organizations, Structures & Policy
SGY320 The Sociology of the Public Sphere
SGY350 Sociology of Music
SGY355 Naughty boys, bad girls: Gender and discipline at home and at school
SGY360 The Intimate Sphere: Love, Friendship and Family
SGY370 Understanding Contemporary Societies

SPS101 Introductory Spanish I
SPS102 Introductory Spanish II
SPS201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPS202 Intermediate Spanish II

SSK10 Tertiary Learning Strategies
SSK13 Learning & Communication Behavior
SSK15 Careers & Work

TOU210 Regional Issues in Tourism (Pacific Rim)
TOU24 Tourist Destination Management
TOU250 Tourism Services and Distribution Management
TOU26 Tourism Enterprise Development
TOU32 Tourism Channels and Travel Management
TOU332 Sustainable Practive in Tourism Project

VAR11 Visual Research: Introduction to Drawing
VAR12 Visual Research: Drawing and Ideas
VAR23 Visual Research: Fibre/Textiles: Structure and Dyeing
VAR24 Visual Research: Fibre/Textiles: Decoration & Ornamentation
VAR25 Visual Research: Experimental Drawing 1
VAR26 Visual Research: Experimental Drawing 2
VAR31 Visual Research: Independent Art Practice A
VAR32 Visual Research: Independent Art Practice B

VART2026 Footsteps of the Impressionists

VIS13 Exploring Painting
VIS14 Making Your Mark in Drawing
VIS15 Photography – An Introduction
VIS18 Introduction to Visual Culture
VIS19 Issues in Contemporary Art
VIS210 Architecture and Culture: Histories and Illusion etc
VIS24 Australian Art History
VIS25 Contemporary Aboriginal Art
VIS26 Art in the Age of Revolution
VIS27 Modernism and the Visual Arts
VIS29 Art and Fashion in the 20th Century
VIS310 Architecture and Culture: Histories of Revolution, Modernity and Honesty
VIS320 Art and the Environment
VIS330 Beauty: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Philosophy and Aesthetics in Art

VSW100 Art and Creativity
VSW11 Material and Conceptual Investigation in Print Making
VSW12 Material and Conceptual Investigation in Textiles
VSW13 Material and Conceptual Investigation in Sculpture
VSW14 Material and Conceptual Investigation in Painting
VSW21 Painting – Observation and Perception
VSW22 Painting – Subject and Methodology
VSW23 Painting – Themes: Interpretation
VSW24 Painting – Themes: Perception and Intervention
VSW25 Objects and Ideas – Construction and Deconstruction
VSW26 Objects and Ideas – Installation
VSW27 Objects and Ideas – The Model – Dimensionality and Space
VSW28 Objects and Ideas – Multiples: Objects and Space
VSW31 Independent Art Practice: Negotiated Proposal
VSW32 Independent Art Practice: Exploration
VSW33 Independent Art Practice: Development
VSW34 Independent Art Practice: Resolution and Presentation

WEB101 Web Communications
WEB206 Web Publishing
WEB207 Web Media
WEB300 Web Production
WEB309 Web Presence

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  2. Hi, I’m looking to do some travel soon and just wanted to check… do you register for with an Australian address, or do you register with an overseas address? I was thinking perhaps the fees are a bit different and you cannot do HECS/HELP if you are not residing in Australia. I am hoping this assumption is wrong and its easy enough to just enroll with an Aussie address while overseas!

    1. Hi, when I first started with open uni aus, i was based in Thailand. My home address was in Western Australia BUT I had all the course documents sent to my Thailand address. Even though at the time I wasn’t residing in Australia, I am still Australian therefore hecs / help still counts.

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