New Years Eve On Koh Samui, Thailand

new years eve on Koh Samui

The night of December 31st started like any other Koh Samui night. We went for a swim in the pool, which was followed by some delicious food and then a walk on Chaweng Beach. But tonight was different. Tonight was new years eve.

Spending new years eve away from our friends was weird. Especially since we had just hung out with good friends for a week prior to NYE. But now we were all alone again. It's ok, we do enjoy hanging out together so it wasn't all bad.

Chaweng Beach was certainly the place to spend the evening. Most resorts that had a beach entrance were having a party. Some were better than others. We called into Tango Beach Resort, purchased two very strong and very large cosmo cocktails and were offered a number of free appetizers of smoked salmon crostinis and other yummy things. Even their entertainment was good. A mixture of dancing semi-drunk staff members, prancing muay thai boxers and beautiful singing.

Downing that drink, we walked further along the beach towards Ark Bar, just to see what was happening there. Many people were sitting on the beach enjoying the festivities provided by the resorts which included a full on cabaret show with fantastic music and costumes, a magician, a juggling bacardi or vodka bottle barman, and a metal band who performed Metallica's Enter Sandman really well.

Apart from the people and performances and a lot of music there were a lot of fireworks. More than a lot actually. Possibly way too many! Watching the fireworks was lovely but the noise was just unbearable. The lanterns were pretty (and quiet).

We waited for the start of the new year at a beach bar called “My Place Bar”. It is a simple bar with tables, chairs and benches right on the beach. They make awesome and very cheap cocktails too. If you are on Chaweng Beach, walk along the beach, to the north, past the Amari Palm Reef Resort. If you hit Tango Beach Resort you have gone too far.

We hope you enjoy our video we took of New Years Eve on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand. It was a fun night .

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