Multi Functional Travel Gear – Packing Cells as Laptop Rests

I get a lot of enjoyment out of being able to find another use for something we already have in our packs.  Today, I would like to share with you an awesome discovery I made after complaining for the umpteenth time about how my lap was getting burnt from my almighty extremely hot laptop.

For some reason, I hadn't thought of this before, but on this particular day, it came to me. We have packing cells. Our packing cells are full of clothing and they just sit there in our bag, on a table, on a shelf, on the bed, wherever they are on that day, doing absolutely nothing.

I grabbed one of the packing cells and put it on my lap, placed my laptop on top, and let out an almighty “huzzah! I think I have solved my problem!” Not only is my lap now safe from the heat of my laptop but as an added bonus, my laptop is now raised up making my screen and keyboard at a better height for me. Win for me!

The packing cells we have with us are small, about the same width as my laptop when running horizontally and just a little smaller when sitting vertical on my lap. I prefer to have the packing cell sit vertically on my lap as it allows for more air circulation under the ultra hot bits of my laptop.

I love my most recent multi functional travel gear finding. I will be sure to share more with you soon.

Do you have any multi functional travel gear stories that you would like to share?

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