Multi Functional Travel Gear – Magic Travel Cloth

Tanya And Her Ultimate Multi-Functional Travel Gear – Taipei MRT Map and Sweat Cloth (and photo bomber)

Hi! I love my multi-functional devices, and here is one that I LOVE even more than the usual! We went into a souvenir shop in Taipei in our second week in Taiwan and I saw this awesome handkerchief decorated with the Taipei Metro system route map. It includes pictures of various landmarks near each station.

Why do I love it? Well, firstly, it has the Taipei MRT map on it. When you're in a new city a map is always handy. It has tourist info on it and it is pretty to look at. Finally, I sweat a lot. A lot! So, I was looking for a sweat rag, ahem, I mean handkerchief with which I could dab my rosy feminine face when I needed to.

A Very Hot And Sweaty Tanya

I paid around NTD $190 for this multi-functional device. That's around USD $6.20 for a piece of cloth that I LOVE. I hand wash it every night with our clothing. It dries beautifully. In the morning, it is ready for another day and night out, helping us get from one place to another and it helps me be less sweaty.

The video below was taken on the Maokong Gondolas in Taipei. We wrote about the Maokong Gondola here. Enjoy!

Some souvenir shops will stock the handkerchief. Otherwise, you will definitely find it at the Taipei Main Station MRT Souvenir Shop. Ask for help if you can't find the store. For NTD $190, it really is a bargain.

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