Muay Thai Fight Night In Chiang Mai

“Tonight!!!!!! Proooooooofesssionallll Thai Boxingggggg!” That is what you hear every evening coming from the car that has been decked out with fancy speakers and playing very loud and crazy Muay Thai music. Flyers are also distributed at every corner in the tourist district of Chiang Mai. If you are sitting in a restaurant, not to worry, you won't miss out. Someone will bring you a flyer or five.

Finally, we succumbed. It has taken a number of visits to Thailand and even living in Chiang Mai to get us to a Muay Thai fight night in Chiang Mai. The gang – Zoe, Kenton, Tanya and Andrew – met up for a few drinks trying to amp ourselves up for the show. A Muay Thai fight really is something that everyone should see once. Or so they tell us.

There are a few different places in Chiang Mai that you can go to every night to view a fight. We chose the glamorous Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium. Loi Kroh in Chiang Mai is where you find the majority of the girly bars. The boxing ring was surrounded by girly bars. A man's heaven. Fighting, possible blood, booze, and plenty of boobs.

Authentic Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Tickets are not cheap. 400 Baht is a lot of money. Sometimes you can get the tickets cheaper but you will have to have the gift of the gab and demand a discount. The women won't normally budge on the price though. Interestingly, a Thai person will always get in free. So if you have a friend who is Thai and can afford the asking ticket price, perhaps you could go halves. Just an idea.

Once you have entered the stadium surrounded by bars, you will be shown to seats. Each seat is owned by a girly bar. So, if there are four of you. Two people will be sitting at Bar A, two at Bar B. You will then have to buy a drink from each bar. You cannot just sit and watch. The prices aren't “too” bad. Just not great.

The fight night consisted of about ten fights in total. They ranged from younger men, to quite buff women, to “fun” matches of a midget fighting two blindfolded guys, international fights, and then the last couple of fights are serious. By the start of the tenth fight, all the bars reopen for business, chairs are pulled back and the music is turned up. Welcome back to Loi Kroh!

All in all, we are thankful that we finally got to go to a Muay Thai Boxing Match in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That's another thing ticked off the bucket list!

Who will win this fight?
Yes, that is a fire exhinguisher under the decorations
The Gang Enjoying The Muay Thai Fight

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  1. Thank you for sharing Muay Thai show. Many one come to Thailand and Muay Thai is “Must see” in trip. 🙂

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