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Tanya and Andrew with stockings Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! Are you as overstuffed as we are? Along with catching up with all our buddies over the last few weeks, we have had to endure (heh) a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas morning breakfast in Perth. We then jumped in the car and headed to Bunbury for Christmas Day dinner. Today, we are heading to Busselton, for Boxing Day lunch.

Jim Gabi Andrew Tanya Christmas 2012
There Is A Christmas Tree Behind All Those Presents
Helen Andrew Tanya Christmas 2012
Helen Andrew Tanya Christmas 2012


Tanyas nieces and nephews Christmas 2012

It is great to be back in Western Australia, but gees, Christmas time is always so busy! Last year, we spent Christmas on Koh Samui in Thailand. Our Christmas Day consisted of a buffet breakfast put on by our awesome hotel, and we drank a lot of cosmopolitans. We then headed to the pool for a swim, had a nap, called our families, then to the beach, then to a fancy dinner with friends. It was awesome!

Alas, we are in Western Australia where family, food and a lot of driving comes before cocktails and swimming in the ocean. If you haven't been to Western Australia, in particular the south west, Bunbury, it really is a lovely area of Australia. The only problem is all the driving you have to do. Everything is really spread out, and public transport, especially on a public holiday like Christmas, is next to non-existent. Cities and towns are far between and the road sides are covered in native wild flowers, cows and trees.

Driving Mr Andrew


Of course, it isn't all tiring. While the driving and the almost never ending eating of delicious food makes you very sleepy indeed spending time with our family and friends is wonderful. Spending eleven months on the road with just the two of us really made us appreciate the time we do have with other people. We love you all!

We hope you had an awesome Christmas time, if you can beat our driving record of 500kms in three days over Christmas please let us know below. I believe it is Andrew's turn to drive today.

Christmas Drinkies With Mates

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From Us At Magic Travel Blog

  1. Wow. Looks like your Christmas was 100% better than the shared KFC bucket we got.

    Maybe next year we’ll make it to Australia, or better yet (sorry, I love the idea of those cosmos) staying in Thailand!

    1. Merry Christmas to you! The KFC Bucket would have dine just as nicely for us. Somtam and Sangsom would have made the day perfect 😀 We hope you had a great day!

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