Melaka’s Famous Cendol

I can not get enough of Cendol. It is 11pm and here I am, in bed, demanding a bowl of Cendol. Not any Cendol, Cendol made in Melaka.  This stuff is amazing!

Cendol can be found almost anywhere in Asia (we can even get it in Australia). What sets the Melakan Cendol apart is the use of “Gula Melaka”, literally Melaka sugar in Bahasa Malay.

Gula Melaka is a type of Palm Sugar or “Malacca Sugar”. Gula meaning sugar in Malay. It is brown, thick, rich and tasty. Kind of like a soft delicious spoon full of heaven.

So what is in this bowl of deliciousness? Melakan Cendol is made up of red kidney beans, pandan flavoured “pasta”, lots and lots of shaved ice, coconut milk and of course a massive heaped spoon of Gula Melaka!

The best thing about this dessert is that it is not actually treated like a dessert at all. Locals and tourists alike can be seen consuming Cendol at any time of the day. 9am for a pick me up, 11pm for a great end of the day. Cendol is seriously addictive.

Want to give your taste buds the absolute knock out they deserve? How about trying Cendol with Durian added to it. Mmmm durian… you either love it or hate it. I Love It!

You can find Melaka's Cendol at many places in Melaka – our favourite place to enjoy this dessert was at the Nyonya Cendol Stall on Jonker Street, Melaka. Here is a link to our food map of Melaka.

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