Meeting With Florence From Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant, Melaka, Malaysia

Front of Amy Heritage Nyonya Restaurant, Melaka, Malaysia

Our first twenty four hours in Melaka, Malaysia, were memorable for a range of reasons. Arriving into a delightful looking town on a bus that was more comfortable than the Business Class flight we took from Perth to Kuala Lumpur a few years ago made Melaka (Malacca) seem even more inviting. More inviting than Kuala Lumpur anyhow.

Apa Kaba Home & Stay was where we spent our first few nights in Melaka. Arriving to a green heritage house in green garden surrounds was just what we needed. The staff were fabulous. More about Apa Kaba Home & Stay in another post. Talking with the owners of the homestay, about what we were going to have for dinner, (all you do in Melaka is eat), she mentioned that we should go to Amy's Nyonya Restaurant. Nyonya cuisine is a combination of Chinese and Malaysian food.

The way to my heart, is not through my mind, or my soul, but through my stomach. Feed me well and often and I am a friend for life! I had seen this restaurant “Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine” Restaurant on television twice. Once with Rick Stein on his Eastern Odyssey series, and another time on Poh's kitchen. Yes, I was excited ūüôā

Arriving at 8pm, they were still busy, with a sign out the front saying “Full House”, luckily, our HomeStay host had called up and booked a table for us. ¬† It was enjoyable dining with people from other countries in a country that none of us “belong” to. We dined with a Dutch couple and a Filipino couple who actually live in Singapore, and of course, there was us, an Australian couple.

Florence came over to our table and welcomed us to her restaurant. She asked what we would like, my response was “One of everything!” Florence took this as an invitation to choose our menu for us. We were all thankful for that as everything on the menu was very yummy and none of us could make a decision at that time of the night as we were all so hungry!

Dining with new friends at Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant, Melaka, Malaysia

Unfortunately, I did not get down the names of the dishes we ordered. I can tell you that we had a range of dishes including one that was made out of banana flowers, a vegetable omelette, a chicken curry, a mixed vegetable dish, fried fish with a sambal sauce and a prawn and pineapple curry. In the big red pot in the centre was rice. Everything was delicious!  The banana flower mix was my favourite as it was something I had never had before.

Glorious, glorious Nyonya Food

After our meal, Florence came over to check on us. I jumped at the chance to talk with her properly. I asked if I could have a photo with her and then told her how I had seen her on Rick Stein and Poh's Kitchen. She was pleased with this and then we discussed how Poh should wear more clothing in Asia so as to not show off her shoulders and knees!

Florence and Tanya the excited!

This certainly was a foodies dream come true. I recommend you visit this restaurant when in Melaka. Definitely book in advance as their restaurant is quite small and they will only serve a small number of people per night.

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant is located at 75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka, Malaysia.   Here is a link to our food map of Melaka.

2 thoughts on “Meeting With Florence From Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant, Melaka, Malaysia

  1. I will help in naming you all the dishes. In the second picture, from the left;
    Sambal Jantung Pisang, Udang Lemak Nanas, Ikan Cili Garam, Ayam Pongteh (it’s not curry, but we do have curry chicken), Chap Chye, and lastly, Telur Dadar Cincaluk. Just e-mail me if you need anything else.

    PS, she’s not Florence. She’s Amy. Which is why the restaurant is called Amy Heritage. Florence is her cousin.

    1. Thanks Kelly!
      I will make the changes on our page soon. How did you know the names of the dishes so easily? I’m so hungry now!
      Tanya ūüôā

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