Luang Prabang – Baguettes And Fruit Shakes

Chicken, Cheese and Salad Baguette – A Hardy Dinner


Hello French influenced Luang Prabang, Laos! How we love you already. Our love for this city took a whole of five minutes of walking down the street from the slow boat pier where we saw signs for sandwiches, baguettes and fruit shakes… Bread! Oh my, was that a sign saying Cheese too? Heaven!

Sometimes, in a long travel stint, all you want is food from home. This was the closest we were going to get just by eating from a street stall. Our first meal in Luang Prabang, a chicken, cheese and salad baguette. Absolutely delicious!

Baguette Fillings


Each stall has their own menu of what sandwiches you can get. All fairly same same from stall to stall. Cheese is the highlight though. Generally it is the cream moo cow cheese. You know the one we are talking about! The cream cheese as the base, then add whatever you fancy… chicken, ham, tuna, egg, peanut butter, jam, whatever you like. Yum yum yum! At a cost of around $2 USD!

Fruit Shakes Of All Flavours


Don't forget a healthy drink to go with your baguette. Watermelon, carrot, banana, tomato, mixed vegetables, fresh orange… the list goes on. You can either just choose a cup that has whole fruit in it from the front of the stall, or choose a blend, and the stall owner will make a fruit shake for you freshly. All at a cost of around $1.25 USD you can't go wrong!

Luang Prabang's baguettes and fruit shakes… something so simple that has been added to my top meals of all time list. Yes, you read right. That good! (Maybe I was just really really hungry and craving for cheese and bread.)

Enjoying a Fruit Shake in Luang Prabang
French influenced Laos Baguettes

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  1. Hey both

    Hope you are still enjoying all the travelling! Love the latest entry for Luang Prabang. Funny that we did exactly the same thing when we arrived (Lao sandwich and my personal fave pineapple shakie…im addicted)!


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