Last Days In Melaka (Malacca) Before Heading For Ipoh

bukit cina (chinese hill) Melaka

Well the time has finally come to depart Melaka. We've now been here for about a week and half. Really there is so much to do here that that really isn't enough. Ah well, another time. In the last few days we've attempted to tick off the last items on our to do list for Melaka.

Overlooking the city center is Bukit Cina or Chinese hill. Although they haven't buried anyone here for a few decades this used to be THE place for Chinese immigrants and their descendents to be buried. From here the graves can watch over the town and its population. Each grave is a within a circle of stones or concrete that is meant to represent the womb for their rebirth into their next life.

On the other sizable hill in town is St Pauls church. It's an old and now abandoned church. It hasn't been particularly well maintained but its still a beautiful place to visit. Although its only maybe a hundred meters above sea level its still noticeably cooler than the town around it. Inside the church are a number of massive grave stones. If you wander down the back side of the hill you can also check out the Dutch grave yard.

It's always interesting to read about people who traveled somewhere back in the days when it took months and required enduring untold hardship. It makes you feel a lot better about the cramped conditions on that flight that you had to endure for 6 whole hours (will it never end?!).

Looking up at St Pauls from part way up the many stairs

We were lucky enough to be able to attend local Deepavali (festival of lights) celebrations. The very hospitable local Hindu community provided us with transport in the form of a river cruise to a location where we were provided with a vegetarian dinner and entertainment. All for free. It was a really lovely night and everyone seemed friendly and in good spirits.

dancers at Deepavali celebrations

In our many days of wandering around Melaka we've stumbled on quite a few beautiful Hindu temples. Generally, it seems that you are able to explore them freely. Just leave your shoes at the door and keep your voice down. The art work is usually incredible both from a distance and up close.

a Hindu temple we saw from a distance and had to see up close
close up of the outside of a Hindu temple

Well Melaka, it's been fun. Melaka a beautiful town with a fascinating history and visiting here is highly recommend. And definitely NOT for a day trip! There are lots of companies selling day trips to Melaka. This place deserves much more than a single day.

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