Langkawi’s Cable Car Experience

Langkawi Cable Car


Langkawi claims to have the steepest cable car in the world. We didn't believe it until we went up ourselves! It took us two attempts to go on the cable cars. They are often closed due to strong wind and once you are up there you can see why they prefer to shut it down when the wind picks up.

This attraction is a MUST DO while in Langkawi. It is not cheap. RM 30.00 per adult, RM 20.00 per child (tourist prices). Malaysians receive a cheaper ticket price. The hours of operation are from around 10am to 7pm Monday to Sunday. It is best to check their website for up-to-date details. It is also best to get there very early as the three different queues to get on the cable cars are generally very long. Have an icecream or two while you wait.

It's like being hurled from a cliff

To get out to the cable cars and other attractions such as restaurants, shops, mini zoos, hotel, you can either take a taxi from your accommodation and back again (looking at about RM30.00 one way) or do as we did and hire a scooter for 24 hours at a cost of around RM 30.00.

The views from the cable car and the two stations are breath taking. The cable cars are very quiet and comfortable, seated six of us in there easily. The two stations where you can hop off and have a look around have viewing platforms as well as a foot massage place. The top station has an awesome sky walk, a cafe that sells delicious Malaysian burgers and a post box and shop where you can buy and send a postcard to anywhere in the world.

We really enjoyed our time at the Langkawi Cable Cars. Visit if you are ever in Langkawi.

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