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If you hadn't noticed yet, we love our food. What better way to celebrate our love of food than to join a food tour of Kuala Lumpur. We were told that we would eat so much food on the Food Tour Malaysia's “Off The Eaten Track” tour that we would go back to our hotel wishing we hadn't tried everything we were offered. Challenge accepted!

After booking our tour via email, Michelle, our guide for the evening, emailed us directly advising us when and where we would meet to start our food tour of Kuala Lumpur. At 7:00pm on a Thursday evening we met Michelle and two other people, Sharon and Marva, at the Taman Paramount LRT Station to begin the tour.

We were a little confused at why we were meeting so far out of central Kuala Lumpur. Michelle explained that we were going to be trying a range of different foods in places where Malaysians eat, starting on the outskirts and working our way back towards the centre of town. We would be driven to all the various stops by Michelle in her comfortable and clean little red car.

The first stop of the night was at a local food market. Michelle took us through the market stalls offering information about the different types of fruits and vegetables you could try. If there was anything at all that we wanted to eat along the way she would sort it out and pay for it. All the food and drink was included in our food tour price.

After trying a few different fruits we stopped at a fast food stall for Malays. You could select a range of things on sticks then cook it all in either boiling water or sate sauce.

Next was a coconut crepe stall. The coconut crepes were certainly very tasty but watching the crepes being made was the highlight. He had eight crepes cooking at once. His rhythm was beautiful.

A bit of a walk later and we found ourselves at an open air 24 hour Indian restaurant called a mamak. We sat a table while Michelle ordered drinks and the tallest tissue paper dosa we have ever seen. A couple of photos later and we all tucked in. It was delicious. We all sat around discussing our lives and how we could easily eat another of these. Michelle reminded us that there was a lot more food to come so don't get too full yet.

We made our way back to Michelle's car via some more fresh fruit. This food tour was worth its price already. We had experienced a few new food items already and, although the price of the tour was more than we would usually consider, being able to talk with our tour guide Michelle about real life in Malaysia made it worthwhile.

Next stop, a local restaurant in Little India, Kuala Lumpur. We all sat a table while Michelle organised our banana leaf meals for us. Michelle shared with us her tips and tricks for eating the delicious food off the banana leaf as neatly as possible. The food was unbelievably tasty and even though we were warned to not fill up we couldn't help but eat nearly everything that was put in front of us.

While we were dining at the Indian restaurant we were interviewed for a documentary about the various niches in the Malaysian tourism industry. Luckily for us, our interview looks like it wound up on the cutting room floor. You can however see us eating non-stop in the film. Check out the video below.

We left the restaurant and went on a mini tour of Kuala Lumpur. Michelle shared personal stories about her life in Kuala Lumpur and what it was like growing up in a multicultural, diverse city. Next stop was a Sate Chicken stand somewhere in KL, we are not sure where but the sate chicken was unbelievably tasty!

By this time we were getting extremely full. There would be more to come. Bring it on!

Back in the car and we headed into Kuala Lumpur city where we got to see the Petronas Twin Towers at night. The lights were so pretty! We hadn't seen the twin towers like this before. Michelle took us to a fantastic viewing spot. The time was now just after 11pm and our night was nowhere near ready to end.

Bukit Bintang food stall street was next. Michelle told us about all the different stalls that are open nearly all night in Bukit Bintang. Sharon and Marva hadn't experienced the tastiness of durian yet and after a bit of coaxing we all sat down to eat some.  Sharon and Marva really didn't like the smell or the taste. Andrew generally likes it but this one was a little too ripe for him. I on the other hand, can't get enough so Michelle and I were able to eat as much of the durian as we wanted. Yippee.

A short walk later and we were at the last food stop of the night. We could had more if we wanted but we were all pretty full. Chinese chicken wings and Limon Asam for supper at 12:30am. Glorious! Everyone had a great time, the food was delicious and the company fantastic! Michelle then dropped us off at the door of our hotel. What service.

We would really like to thank Michelle for being a fabulous tour guide. Her communication skills were outstanding and her desire to learn about our cultures as well as to share her own made for lots of lively discussions.

All in all, Food Tour Malaysia was a wonderful experience. We were out for over five hours experiencing all the sights, the smells and of course the foods that Kuala Lumpur has on offer. 160RM is pricey. It's worth it though. Even as experienced travellers who have been to Malaysia several times we still got a lot out of it.

To find out more about the food tours of Kuala Lumpur, please check out their website at Food Tour Malaysia. There are a number of different tours available for you to choose from.

Disclaimer: We received discounted Food Tour Malaysia packages in return for our complete and honest review – good or bad. Click here for more information about Food Tour Malaysia.

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  1. Ahhhh I miss satay! And Malaysian food in general. White coffee, tandoori chicken, laksa….I could go on! But I don’t miss the smell of durian! Although I did try a durian soup as a dessert at a buffet and it was surprisingly sweet tasting.

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