Koh Samui Accommodation – Meewaya Chaweng House Review

Meewaya Chaweng House – The fabulous pool

Meewaya Chaweng House on Koh Samui in Thailand, is a place that we will certainly go back to if we ever get a chance to visit Koh Samui again, and there is a room free for us! The privately run resort is situated in Bophut, to the north of the main part of Chaweng Beach, about a 5 minute walk north of Tango Beach Resort.

Unless you are going door to door looking for accommodation, like we were, it is not a place you would think to stop and look at. Not when there are so many other fancy hotels and resorts all over the island. Thankfully, we stopped. This is what Meewaya Chaweng House has to offer!

Meewaya Chaweng House – From the main road

There are one bedroom studios, one bedroom rooms with their own living room and two bedroom rooms also with their own living room. Most come with a kitchenette area comprising of a fridge, hot water urn, a toaster, a cooker with all the equipment, towels, soap, complimentary room cleaning, air conditioning, a fan, television with English channels and an awesome bed amongst lovely furnishings… (didn't check the studio rooms for the kitchenette area). Oh, and an awesome pool and spa area that was checked daily for the correct water temperature (just right!).

The wifi/Internet was fast and reliable. The only problems were when the power went out during some heavy rain but that's to be expected.

We stayed in two different rooms while we had the pleasure of staying there. The first was the One bedroom with living room right by the pool. You walk next to the pool through your little courtyard into your living room / kitchen. Very nicely decorated with a full kitchenette, a comfy couch, coffee table and a television with a fan.

Walking up a few stairs you find a roomy bathroom with hot water and a built in long shelf to put your toiletries on. The bedroom is next to the bathroom, again beautifully decorated with lovely wooden furniture, a very comfortable bed and a fantastic air-conditioner that makes it way down stairs to the living room easily.

The second room we stayed in was a two bedroom with living room, again by the pool. This was shaped very much like an apartment. You walk up the stairs to your front door, which opens up to the living room containing a comfy cane setting, kitchenette with all you need to cook, and a little sitting area by the windows overlooking the pool area.

The bathroom was the same as the one bedroom, very clean and spacious. The two bedrooms were set out a little strangely but still worked comfortably. Through the second bedroom you could reach the balcony. It was a great balcony. Beautiful views of the pool area and the ocean and hills beyond. At night time, we were able to see the non-stop fireworks from here.

As Meewaya Chaweng House was situated on the wrong side of the beach road, to get to the beach, cross the road, walk through a resort and there is the beach. It's always a little worrying wandering into an expensive resort to swim at their private beach, or to swim in their pool, or to use their toilets, or to borrow a deckchair while you read a book. You get the idea. However, its actually fairly common and, thus far, resort staff have never objected. Just make sure to respect their resort and clientele and do your best to blend in and you will have pretty much free reign of the resort's facilities (for free!).

Meewaya Chaweng House – Garden View Rooms

The costs per room are split up between the pool side and the garden side and are rented out daily or by the month. The prices do change a little when in low or high season, but here is an idea of the costs.

Pool side:
One bedroom Studio – 800b – 1200b per day. 17,250b / month
One bedroom with Living Room – 1000b – 1500b per day, 23,000b / month
Two bedroom with Living Room – 1500b – 1800b per day, 27,600b / month

Garden View side:
One bedroom with Living Room – 900b – 1200b per day, 17,250b / month
Two bedroom with Living Room – 1200b – 1500b per day, 23,000b / month

Yes, there are cheaper places in Thailand and even on Koh Samui. But, in our opinion, this is exceptionally cheap for the location and the quality of the apartments.

We really like Meewaya Chaweng House. It had a lovely feel to it. Very homely. You could see that many people call Meewaya their home. A number of rooms had long term tenants staying there. You can contact Meewaya to see if they have a room available for you by email: meewaya@hotmail.com otherwise check them out in person when you get to Koh Samui. Map below.

View Koh Samui, Thailand in a larger map

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  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if ou happen to know the contact details for Meewaya. We stayed there a few years back for 6 weeks and used it as a base while travelling around the islands. They were lovely and friendly and we want to go back but would like to pre book. E-mail address wold be great.


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