Koh Phangan Accommodation – Utopia Resort Review

Utopia Resort – The outdoor Thai bathroom

We didn't really want to visit Koh Phangan. Tanya had been quite a few years earlier and visited a half moon party at Haad Rin, the main tourist centre of Koh Phangan, and didn't want to go back. Andrew hadn't been to Koh Phangan before and since we were just a short, yet horrible ferry ride away (read here) we decided it was silly of us not to visit the island.

We booked our accommodation with Utopia Resort prior to leaving Koh Samui. We are glad we did, as they offered a free pick up from the ferry terminal, although, we were at the wrong one, they still picked us up! One point to Utopia already!

Our drive in the songteaw was very pleasant up to the Utopia Resort. We drove through Haad Rin (shudder) and then straight through the centre of the island till we reached Chaloklum Bay. Turning towards the north west and up a steep hill or three and we were at Utopia Resort Koh Phangan.

The view was magnificent up on the cliff side. We could see boats, reefs, other resorts, if we looked closely, some fish!

The room we booked was the Koh Phangan Utopia Classic Thai Style Bungalow. It was beautiful inside and outside! Check out our video below for a look inside our room and outside in the resort complex.

The wifi was a little bit of issue. Because its so spread out we could only occasionally get Internet access in our bungalow. The restaurant however is very comfortable and the staff we fine with us setting up shop for our work time. Within the restaurant the wifi was fast and reliable.

Special thanks to the staff at Utopia Resort, they were all extremely lovely and helpful. We loved our stay at the Utopia Resort on the top north west corner of the island. We are so glad that we didn't get stuck in Haad Rin!

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