Is This The Worst Hotel Room In The World?

The toilet in the worst hotel room in the world

We have stayed in all sorts of accommodation over the years ranging from a clean room with just a mattress on the ground (and nothing else) to a surprisingly gorgeous room with every amenity at our disposal. Unfortunately, we can't always have the best of the best… this place, where the photo of the toilet above was taken, was definitely a low point in our travels.

For 350 Baht, we were shown to a room where there was a bed with 3 massive pillows, a cleanish bottom sheet and two fairly unattractive blankets to cover ourselves with. For one night, we could live with this. So we thought… out came the travel sheets to put on the bed, to sleep in, to not touch the mattress at all. Out came the sarong to cover the pillows, must not touch those pillows!

Then we looked closer, the cupboard was grimy, the shelves were full of dust, the floor may have been swept three weeks ago, and oh my, don't get me started on the bathroom! Needless to say, there was no showering and very little toilet usage during our stay.

Check out the video below. Have you stayed in worse?

5 thoughts on “Is This The Worst Hotel Room In The World?

    1. Oh yes Gerry, our next room was certainly MUCH better. I am sure we will stay in worse though. Stay tuned for those little reviews 🙂

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