Introducing Zoe – The Latest Member Of Our Travelling Family


In life there are some milestones that mark a permanent change in your existence. Your first boyfriend or girlfriend, your first crappy job, your first less crappy job, moving out of your parent's place, getting married and, of course, having a baby. Until recently we had done all of these except for one…

On the 9th May 2014 at 11:34pm, little Zoe came into our lives. Her little arms and legs were flailing and her mouth was ready for some boob action. At 3.1kgs (6.8lbs) and at 50cm in length, our lives have changed for the better.

Our First Family Photo

Today, she is 4 weeks old. What a tremendous experience it has been for all three of us learning how to live in the outside world together. Zoe didn't want to leave the comfort of my womb and, now that she is out, she doesn't want to leave my side. That is ok. I enjoy having a mummy's little girl!

Zoe's ten hours old

Andrew helps out changing most of the nappies, bathing her and occasionally getting her to sleep when mum's charms just aren't working. She is growing so fast and time going so quickly that she will be on solid foods before we know it. I know that Andrew will be looking forward to those nappy changes after solid foods are introduced!

We are all extremely happy, surprisingly calm, and are doing well with Zoe in our life. Things have definitely changed for us but the last four weeks have been incredibly rewarding. Here's hoping that the next few decades are just as lovely.

Getting Our Beauty Sleep

For the moment we are still in Perth, Western Australia. We have just about completed our renovations preparing our apartment for the next tenant. Then we will be taking on a three month house-sit. After that, finally, our little travelling family will be on our way over to the UK and Europe for six to twelve months. Hurrah!

The only dilemma we face is whether we will be able to stick to our carry-on luggage only roots. Its going to be tough, we may have to relent but we shall see. Luckily our travel bassinet and pram both fold down to next to nothing. More on them in later posts.

For now, please welcome Zoe to Magic Travel Blog!

Zoe's Family



9 thoughts on “Introducing Zoe – The Latest Member Of Our Travelling Family

  1. Congrats!!!!! Zoe is so beautiful !! You both are such an inspiration .. It is so awesome to read and watch your journey !! Many blessings to you 3 on your new adventure ! Can’t wait to read all about it !!

  2. Dear Tanya and Andrew. Congratulations four your little Zoe :). She is so lovely and beautiful. We wish you the best for your new journey while travelling the world.
    Natcha and Franck

    1. Thanks guys! Luckily you have that sun bed area in your place in Chiang Mai for Zoe to use when she is older πŸ™‚

  3. Hi guys, a little belated but Congrats on the safe arrival of little Zoe! Hope everything is going well!

  4. Congrats! She is gorgeous! Good luck with sticking to hand luggage – I used to only travel with hand luggage too but it had to change, at least for awhile. My baby girl was 4 in May and we are off to Singapore next week – with just hand luggage again yippee!! I would find it mission impossible with a baby though.

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