How To Get From Phetchaburi To Bangkok Easily

Minibus from Phetchaburi to Bangkok

Phetchaburi and Bangkok are only a few hours apart from each other which makes Phetchaburi an awesome place to visit. Getting from Phetchaburi to Bangkok (and return) is easy as pie.

There are two main ways to travel between the cities. The first is by train which is always our first choice of transport. However, for shorter distances waiting around for trains really wasn't our thing. The train timetables between Phetchaburi and Bangkok are in the photo below.

Phetchaburi to Bangkok Train Timetable

The second way is by an air-conditioned mini bus. These buses leave every 30 to 60 minutes from 4:30am in the morning through to 9:00pm in the evening. If the minibus gets full quick then they will just leave. Three or four minibuses often leave at the exact same time. Especially on the weekends. Everyone wants to go to Bangkok!

To get to the minivan bus station, walk along Ratchawithi Road until you cross over the bridge. (Map at the end of this post). Look for the white minivans and just say "Bangkok". The driver will then lead you to the office where you buy your bus ticket. A bargain at 100 Baht each!

Our mini bus tickets to Bangkok from Phetchaburi

The minibuses are very clean, the air conditioning goes strong and most people just sleep as soon as they get in their seats. The mini buses tend to stop often to drop people off and pick more up along the way. In reality, the drive was a pleasant 2 and a half hours of nice scenery, although a little cramped.

This is how Tanya spent 2.5 hrs on the minibus

The minibus will drop you off at Victory Monument in Bangkok which is right next to a BTS station (Skytrain). We were both very excited to finally land in Bangkok! The people, buildings, noise and traffic. Awesome!

As we had written down how to get from the Victory Monument bus stop to our first hotel location, we walked directly to the BTS station and bought our BTS tickets. So simple.

Getting from Phetchaburi to Bangkok really was easy as pie. Below is a photo of Tanya's first look out the skytrain window in Bangkok. There are really good views to be seen from up there!

An excited Tanya's first look at Bangkok

View Phetchaburi, Thailand map in a larger map


  1. Kolja 1 May, 2014 at 13:10 Reply

    Thanks for that info. I’m in Phetchaburi and wondered how to go back to Bangkok by van. Now I know it. Thanks for the easy description and the map.

  2. Leland Schmidt 14 October, 2016 at 15:29 Reply

    Hello! So I’m going to Bangkok in January and need some advice on bus travel. After reading you blog post, it gave me some relief knowing it’s as easy as walking up the the buses and getting a ticket. Was there any worry to book a ticket in advance? Thanks!

    • Tanya 29 October, 2016 at 20:07 Reply

      There is no real need to book a ticket in advance from Phetcharburi to Bangkok and vice versa as buses depart once they are full. You may only need to wait five minutes but you also may need to wait five hours. Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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