How To Get From Hat Yai To Surat Thani Easily.

Railway ticket From Hat Yai to Surat Thani
State Railway of Thailand Ticket - Hat Yai to Surat Thani

The city planners of Hat Yai in southern Thailand thought of everything. The railway station is situated right in the centre of town, walking distance to everywhere, except the local bus station. Go figure!

Organising and paying for our train tickets to Surat Thani was an easy experience. There are two sides to the ticketing area with an ATM machine in the middle. One side is to purchase tickets for a train that is coming in the next hour or two, the other side is for pre-booking tickets. We went to the pre-booking side as we were purchasing our tickets a day ahead of time. After taking a number and waiting a few minutes a friendly staff member who spoke impeccable English helped us buy tickets for the correct train.

Hat Yai Train Station

There are a number of trains that go from Hat Yai to Surat Thani during the day and night. Some are fast and some are slow. Always ask when the train will arrive in Surat Thani to make sure you get a fast(er) train.

The train we took was Train 42, Special Express, Departed Hat Yai at 16:23, Arrived at Surat Thani at 20:31. Cost 406 Baht per adult.

Our train from Hat Yai to Surat Thani

Our seats on the train were very comfortable. They reclined, had a pull down foot rest, enough room above our heads to store our luggage (if we wanted to) and we settled in very well. We had four hours to kill on the train. The view was lovely although a little wet, our books were good, and we had podcasts to listen to.

Ooh a plastic wrapped blanket to keep us warm

We were very surprised when a lovely lady came by giving us various things. First, we received a plastic wrapped blanket each. Generally, all trains and buses, mini vans and cars in Thailand are very cold. They love a good air conditioner. Bring a jumper. The blankets we received were very nice and welcoming.

The meal we received on the train - red curry chicken, a sweet bun and a drink

Secondly, we received a meal each. This was a surprise. It was like we were on an airplane again. Our meal consisted of a red chicken and vegetable curry with rice and a few slices of fish cake. We were given a cup of water to go with it. A sweet bun followed the meal as did a cup of tea or coffee.

Of course, this trip from Hat Yai to Surat Thani can be completed by public bus or minivan. We just chose the train. We find that travelling by train is a better alternative to buses mainly because we get more leg room on the train and are able to keep our bags with us comfortably. There are always toilets available for use as well, mostly clean, and you get to move around more.

14 thoughts on “How To Get From Hat Yai To Surat Thani Easily.

  1. Hi there, very useful information you have here. May I know if I can pre-book the train tickets? I am planning a trip for my parents from Malaysia. Thanks!

    1. Hi and thanks for reading. You can pre-book tickets via the Thailand Railway website. Click here. I believe you can then pick those tickets up at the office on the day of the train boarding. We find that we just need to go to the train station the day before to get tickets for the next day. However, if you are wanting sleeper trains, you may need to book a few days in advance especially if it is a Thai holiday! Have a great time šŸ™‚

      1. Hi There,

        Iā€™m planning to take a train from Surathani Railway station to Hatyai Station on 21st April 2014. I tried to book from the website given , but its no more available for internet booking.

        Iā€™m planning to take a sleeping bed type of coach for 4 person.

        Can you advise me on how to book the ticket, the price and suggestion on when i should buy the tickets.

        I will arrive in Surathani Airport on the 17th of April 2014 at 2pm. And i will take a ferry to Koh Phangan on the same day. On the 21st of April, I will departure from Koh Phangan at 11am scheduled Ferry to Don Sak Pier. Should i get the tickets on the day i arrive Surathani on the 17th or i can simple bought the ticket on the 21st.

        Really need your advise on this matter.

        Thank You,

        Shydee Yusof

        1. Hi Jay. Lucky you!

          I live here in Thailand. You can trust my advice.
          Firstly. there is not normally any need to pre book a train ticket. Just arrive, buy ticket and board and off u go. Unless at the time you are traveling there is a major event happening such as a long weekend when everybody is to-ing and fro-ing going home to their provinces or returning where ever then best to buy a ticket in advance.
          There are many travel vendors who can get you tickets but of course you need to be there to buy ticket. I don’t have experience of buying from internet.

          The coaches are all open. You cannot get a coach just for 4 people. If you want privacy you can get 1st class which is a private cabin for 2 people. Obviously more expensive but still cheap if you compare to western prices. I like 1st class. I travel alone and usually have the whole cabin to myself.

          My advice to you is get the tickets asap so that you don’t have to worry about it. Enjoy!

        2. Hi Jay, did you do any pre-booking in the end? Or did you just walk in and get the ticket?

          I am intending to travel from Hat Yai to Surat Thani on 18 Dec 2014..not sure if I should do pre-booking or do a walk-in and get tics.

  2. Hi Tanya. I’m just passing by to say well done for this nice info page here. I live in Thailand and just woke up in a hotel on the Thai-Malaysian border. I come here regularly to do passport runs.
    I now live in Hua Hin but instead of going straight back there today I am going to stop off and spend the night in Surat. They have stuff in the markets there that can’t be bought anywhere else.
    So I was just googeling to confirm train times and I found you here and you have confirmed my planning is correct šŸ˜‰
    Nice info and nice pics and well said. Cheers šŸ˜‰

  3. Hi there,

    Nice to read all above. We plan to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Chiangmai in this December. Could anyone of you recommend places that to stop once when going and once when coming back. This is to reduce the very long travel in the train and sightseeing some places of interest too.

    we are 2 adults 1 child, if we buy the 1st class cabin for two but just allow our young daughter to join in, is it okay? We do not wish to stay in Bangkok but not any cities along Chiang Mai. Total duration suggested is around 8-10 days.


  4. Thx all for the info,

    i take sometime to search around, finally get some info from here.. will take train from Hat Yai to SuratThani .

    Jackson Wee

  5. Hello Guys,

    Are buses very frequent from HatYai to Surathaani? Do I need to book the tickets well in advance?
    Please educate me on this. Thanks in adavance


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