How To Get From Chumphon To Phetchaburi Easily.

Goodbye Chumphon Train Station

Train travel really is the best way to travel long distances. We may think differently in a few months time, but getting on the train that was taking us from Chumphon all the way north to Phetchaburi really was exciting and welcoming.

We visited Chumphon's train station the day before our departure to check the times of the trains heading north to Bangkok. We were headed to Phetchaburi which is on the way to the capital. The southern line Thai Railways timetable found online also had the same information. Click here to see the timetable.

Choosing Train number 40, we left Chumphon at 12:46pm. Ok, maybe a bit later than that. The price of our tickets were 425 Baht each. Not bad considering it is a 4 hour train ride with comfy reclining seats, clean toilets, and of course, excellent moving pictures out the window as we go along.

Along with the above amenities, we also had the luxury of a trolley dolly who worked our carriage. It does feel weird receiving food and drinks on a train. We received red curry chicken and rice for lunch with a cup of water to wash it down. A few hours later afternoon tea was served which consisted of a pastry and a weak tea that came with a lot of sugar!

A little later than the official arrival time of 4:44pm, we reached Phetchaburi. We have both been here before so we knew the town enough to work out where we needed to get to. All the same, when we have pre-book accommodation we usually request to be be picked up from the train station, bus station or ferry port. It doesn't hurt to ask and hotels and guest houses will often chuck in a free transfer or at least arrange something for you and tell you the local going rate. Our pre-arranged songteaw arrived and it cost us 30 Baht for the both of us to get from the train station across town to the hotel.

Short Version:
Thai Railway Trains:
Chumphon to Phetchaburi
Train 40. Departs at 12:46pm, arrives at 4:44pm.
Cost: 425 Baht each
Thai Railway Southern Line Timetable

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  1. What a great train trip. I have to agree with you, train travel is the best. Step on board 15 minutes before departure time – what a breeze. I have nothing but good things to say about my KL to Chiang Mai trip: Easy to book tickets, great service and food; clean, comfortable beds; amazing scenery.

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