How Cruises Are The Best Excuse To Give Up Bad Habits And Get Healthy

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What springs to mind when you think of cruising the Caribbean on a luxury ship liner? Besides the obvious beautiful scenery, does being healthy sound off at all? You can be forgiven for thinking that all cruises are endless open buffets filled with greasy goodies and slothing around the pool. Gone are the day’s where cruise lines cater to only families and retirees. These days, it’s all about holistic cruises and providing variety for those who want to get fit and healthy. It’s for the overworked looking for a slice of relaxation, the yogi’s chasing a beautiful backdrop for their morning sun salutation and for anyone who wants a clean break to give up those bad habits. Here’s what you can expect to find on these new age cruises.

Specialty Dining Rooms

Do you have a special diet preference? Are you sick of having only one meal off the entire menu that you can eat? Then listen up! Whatever your diet, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have a dining room for you. How about a low calorie option or a sushi dining room? If that doesn’t fit, why not try the vegetarian or vegan dining rooms? It’s not just specialty cruises that have these options either; Cruiseabout, Queen Mary 2 and Carnival are huge advocates for healthy dining options.

Workout Options As Far As The Eye Can See

The best thing about cruises is that there is no outside distractions to stop you from working on yourself and your health. If you want to start on perfecting an exercise routine or experience something new, then a cruise is the best time to start. Cruise lines have made massive progress in this area and a small gym is no longer just a perk. These days, you can expect a cruise liner gym to be up to 30,000 square feet of the latest fully functional equipment.

If the running on a treadmill isn’t your cup of tea then you can choose from a long list of exercise classes. Always been keen to try yoga or Zumba? They’ve got it. It’s the thrill seekers though that will really be in their element. Think rock climbing, surf simulators, bungy trampolines and obstacle courses suspended 150 feet in the air. The list just keeps going! Golf, tennis, basketball, ice skating, cycling and water sports are all activities that you will find on a cruise line.

You don’t have to limit your activities to on-board either. A vigorous shore excursion is a great way to get some cardio and experience something off the beaten track. Particularly popular at the moment is kayaking, hiking and especially in the Caribbean – zip lines and rope courses!

“Me Time”

In reality, how often do we get the chance to pamper ourselves? So rarely! After you’ve tried that new Zumba class, how does a deep tissue massage sound? Followed by an aroma stone therapy? Or a colonic irrigation for not so squeamish? Pampering isn’t just for adults either, many cruise lines are targeting the teenage market with some intriguing options like a “Fabulous Fruity Facial,” a “Hot Chocolate Wrap” and a special mother/daughter and father/son massage packages. After all, holidays are for relaxing the body, mind and spirit – it would be rude not to indulge in a little you time.

Have you been on a cruise recently? How did you stay healthy?

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