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We've successfully completed many pet-/house-sitting gigs, which include being faux parents to:

Large Tropical Fish Tanks: 1
Outdoor Fish Ponds: 1
Sugar Gliders:  2
Cats: 5
Dogs: 7
Chickens: 5

Here, you will find links to stories about our house-sitting experiences. Enjoy!

Nimble, Being Sweet, One of The Sugar Gliders In Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan

House-Sitting in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan
July and August 2012

Pumpkin Enjoying The Chicken Show

House-Sitting in Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia

Mt Lawley, Western Australia
November and December 2012

Andrew, Marshmallow and Nelson Hanging Out In Gelorup, Western Australia

House-Sitting In Gelorup, Western Australia (Just 2km From Tanya's Folk Place)

Gelorup, Western Australia
December 2012 and January 2013

Can We Get Out Now - Andrew and Bella in Singapore

Our First House-Sit in Singapore (Lucky Us!)

March 2013

Maggie and Rupert and Their Best Friends

House-Sitting in Millbridge with Maggie and Rupert

Millbridge, Western Australia
May 2013

Tazzie and Cheezel Taking Control In Rivervale

House-Sitting Boy Dogs In Rivervale

Rivervale, Western Australia
May 2013

Flower Loving Every Second Of Having A Photo Taken With Us

Housesitting With Flower Power In Singapore

June, July, August 2013

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