Hat Yai Accommodation - V.L. Hatyai Hotel Review

Ahhh the glorious bed at the V.L. Hotel in Hat Yai

There is nothing like a good bed to sleep in after a hard days traveling. We were so happy when we go to the V.L. Hatyai Hotel in Hat Yai. It was a measly three blocks from the Hat Yai train station, up a road that had perfect side walks for walking people.

The reception at V.L Hatyai Hotel was fantastic. People were happy, smiling, and most were able to speak English. The language barrier isn't normally an important feature for us but after a very long day in minivans, ferries, buses, songteaws and on our feet it was a lovely surprise.

We had booked our night in the V.L. Hatyai Hotel because of tripadvisor's reviews and through Agoda, who offered a very good rate for the room without breakfast. The room alone cost just under $30 USD without breakfast. When we enquired about the breakfast it would cost us 100 baht each, a whole $3 USD each. It was a fine breakfast too. Bacon and eggs, yummy bread for toast, Asian savoury delights, the makings for tuna salad, coffee, tea and milo, and for breakfast-dessert, bbq'd sticky banana rice in banana leaves. Mmm!

As we were so tired on the night of our stay we got room service. This is not ordinary for us but when we looked at the menu in our room the prices were so reasonable we didn't feel the need to find a street food stall! How could a room service tuna salad only cost 80 Baht? Unheard of in a hotel. We ordered room service, pigged out on glorious food and watched English language television all night.

The only downfall the V.L. Hat Yai had was that you had to purchase wifi / internet. The cost was reasonable, 20 baht for 24 hours of usage. If you could get it working that is. We found that the wifi worked best down in the lobby.

All in all, the V.L. Hat Yai was a fantastic hotel. We really do recommend you consider staying there for one or two nights on your travels. Break up that marathon journey between Thailand and Malaysia. You won't regret it.

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  1. Andy 20 November, 2012 at 11:30 Reply

    Another excellent and correctly informative info blog. Are you guys sharing or bragging? lol
    I always wondered about this VL hotel but never actually stayed there or been inside but I feel like I have now. It all looks fine and good.
    Another place you may want to try if your back here again is the “Golden Crown Hotel”. Not to be confused with the main one which is called “Golden Crown Plaza”. The plaza is where you will end up if you dont specify that you dont want it. The hotel I am talking about is in a tiny side street. You cant see it until youre outside of it and will be surprised to discover it as its in a very unlikely spot. Not too far from where you are here but a further 10 or so minutes walk away from the train station.
    You would definitely want to google about it first but its a nice hotel and costs $25 USA a night for a room and lovely people and service and rooms.
    You walk along a few quiet side streets and the suddenly theres this great big tower hotel where you dont expect it. Not too far from the “Banboo bar” good food and people, and the “PUBB” bar which is great night entertainment and stylish local fun and just up the road is the “Post Office” bar which is great nightlife and live music and food and drinks and fun and lots of tourists and people there.
    Good to know if youre back here abnd feel like going out for a good night.
    I come here often. I am right now in a hotel in “Danok”. A place on the Sadao immigration border.
    Off to shower then a mini bus to Had Yai … and after writing this I think Ive even talked myself into a night out in Had Yai town and maybe even a night in the VL!!
    I think I saw Robinsons out the window in your vid so I think I know where it is. Ill check. Just one small backpack with clothing and my laptop so walking and hiking no problem …
    o0ops forgive me if I have gone on too much here lol 😉

    • Tanya 5 December, 2012 at 19:17 Reply

      Thanks for the heads up for Golden Crown Plaza. We do hope to head back to Hat Yai again. It was a really nice place and we had heard about the live band scene. Next time 🙂

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