Happy Third Year Wedding Anniversary To Us

Happy Third Anniversary To Us

Queue the love gush time: One of the best things that EVER happened to me was meeting Andrew. He is the soothing yin to my raging yang. He is my lover, best friend, travel partner, money maker, maker of cups of tea, and all around awesome person. How I love thee!

Surprisingly we have been together for just under seven years.  Who would have thought that a “set up” would lead to nearly seven years including three years of marriage. Thank you Eva!

Today, 27th March 2013, is our third wedding anniversary. Yay! We are celebrating this day by remembering our wedding day and wondering if we could still fit into our wedding clothes. I know, my dress would be a tight fit now!

Tonight, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we head to a fancy restaurant where we are dining in the dark. Apparently our senses will be overwhelmed.

So much has happened in our first three years of marriage:

First, we got married! Here is our mini video and photo collage. It was so awesome that I want to get married again. Andrew has to put up with me constantly saying “I want to get married again!”

We then headed to Malaysian Borneo for our honeymoon. Kota Kinabalu for a five star resort experience and then to Kuching to enjoy everything that wonderful city has to offer. This was our first holiday as a married couple. So many more to come!

Unfortunately, we had to work for awhile. Fortunately, we both took on some awesome jobs. I was at a brewery, Andrew with an education software company.

During this time, we renovated and sold an apartment then bought another. This kept us busy for quite a while. We were very pleased with our renovation skills. We took most of the kitchen out ourselves and then put together all the cupboards. So much fun!

We moved into our new place and then proceeded to save really hard and pay off most of our mortgage. This was actually quite easy to do. I wrote a pretty good article (if I say so myself) on how to save money for travel.

From there, we quit our full time jobs. I left mine for the third time and Andrew moved on to part time. Awesome!

We rented out our apartment and moved in with our parents for a few weeks…

On 1st November 2011, we jumped on a plane and headed to Kuala Lumpur, where we then travelled through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, and then back to Australia.

So awesome!

We lasted back in Western Australia for just under four months. It's not that we don't like hanging out with our family and friends, it's just that we have very itchy feet and want to see everything the world has to offer…

During that long extended travel trip through Asia, we learnt a lot about ourselves, our relationship and how we wanted to lead our lives in the future. More travel is definitely on the agenda. We really enjoy spending 24 hours a day together.

Bali, Indonesia, was our most recent destination. We spent our time there searching for areas of the island to come back to for longer stints in the near future.

And, now, we are back in Malaysia. For our third year wedding anniversary. I wonder what will happen in the next three years…



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  1. How wonderful! Congratulations! I came across your video looking up information on snorkeling in Pangkor and then jumped over to your blog. We are traveling in 3 weeks to HK, Malaysia (KL, Pangkor, Penang)then Singapore and your blog has been very helpful in our preparation! Thank you so much for the time and efforts you and Andrew put into the blog! I hopefully would be able travel and work like you two do in the future.

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