Guest Post Conditions

We have a handful of simple rules for all guest posts that appear on Magic Travel Blog.

  1. Guest posts must in some way be relevant to Magic Travel Blog's audience.
  2. Guest posts have the author “guest”. We will not claim that a guest post was written by ourselves.
  3. It can contain a single live link. The link will NOT be nofollow'd. The link will remain active for twelve months.
  4. If the post contains an image or images we will need a link to where it came from or other evidence that the image is properly licensed.
  5. Guest posts do not appear on the front page of the site and are not sent out to our mailing list. They are however available to anyone searching the site or searching google. Google re-indexes very regularly so it usually does not take long for new posts to start being included in Google search results although we cannot guarantee this as we do not control Google.
  6. Payment should be made within 24 hours of the post going live if not before. Unless of course it is a Friday or the weekend in which case Monday is fine.
  7. We retain the right to refuse any guest post if we do not think it or the site linked to is suitable for us and our audience.

If all of that is agreeable contact us via our Work With Us page 🙂