Gnomesville. Oh Yes, It Is A Real Place

Hidden away in the south west of Western Australia is a place steeped in mystery and intrigue. The one and only Gnomesville.

Located just east of the town of Dardanup it is both a local icon and unsolved mystery. No one is quite sure how it got started. The prevailing theory is some anonymous person or group deposited an initial population of gnomes. Others saw them and added their own. From there the gnome population has grown consistently over the years and is now somewhere upwards of a thousand. I'm not sure who counted them to come up with that number…

They range from whacky to touching and everything in between. There is everything from gnomes placed by classes of school kids to gnomes placed in memory of the deceased. If you like you can even bring your own and contribute to the ongoing West Australian gnome population boom.

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