Getting Banana Pancakes On Koh Samui

Banana pancakes can be found everywhere that there are backpackers in south east Asia. They are as ubiquitous as iced coffee and usually about as cheap. There is even a so called “banana pancake trail” which winds through south east Asia and is traveled by tens of thousands of sweaty, 20 something, occasionally barefoot, westerners every year.

Watching banana pancakes being made is surprisingly interesting. The people making them seem to have done it thousands of times before and inject a fairly simple process with the effortless flair usually only seen on TV cooking shows. Of course, many of them have indeed done it thousands of times before so don't expect them to necessarily share in your happiness as they stand in the sun and make their 38,403rd banana pancake.

Despite what the name might suggest banana pancakes are often incredibly unhealthy. Banana and pancake batter, how bad could it be? Well, the most common way they are served involves them being doused with both chocolate sauce and condensed milk so, pretty bad. They are delicious though. You just can't have them too often. Both because you would wind up the size of a house and because your teeth would rot out of your head.

Banana pancakes. Enjoy responsibly.

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