Food Glorious Food, In Penang, Malaysia (Part 2)

Famous Penang Road Chendol

We could have seven meals a day and still would not have gone through every delectable meal – savoury and sweet – that Penang has to offer. Here is Part 2 of our series of food glorious food, in Penang, Malaysia. Part 1 can be found here.

Famous Penang Road Chendol is a franchise of places scattered around Penang. The original hawker carts selling Chendol are still around but as we needed a touch of airconditioning we chose to visit the restaurant situated at Komtar Walk just off Jalan Penang in Georgetown, Penang.

Chendol is extremely refreshing and tasty, even when it is a big bowl like the one above. While we sat and shared the one bowl of Chendol, many local Malays were sitting around and having one of those bowls each!

Our bowl of Chendol consisted of red beans, kidney beans, sweetcorn, almond meal, peanuts, grenadine, shaved ice, lychees, santan, brown sugar (gula), pandan jelly, grass jelly, condensed milk, vanilla icecream, and we are positive that there was more in there! All for a fantastic price of about RM 3.50 per bowl.

To find the Famous Penang Road Chendol Restaurant in Komtar Walk, Georgetown, Penang, click through here for the google map location.


Tree Monkeys Restaurant @ Tropical Spice Garden

Tree Monkeys Restaurant @ Tropical Spice Garden, just outside of Batu Feringgi, Penang, was another favourite restaurant of ours. Pilau Pinang has quite a few good Thai restaurants on offer. Perhaps this is because Penang is getting closer to the Thai border.

We visited the Tree Monkeys Restaurant for a lazy morning's brunch and our meal was certainly tasty! A Thai style Malay breakfast of Nasi Lemak which consisted of Chicken Masaman Curry as as side with coconut rice and condiments. Half a pineapple was scooped out to hold pineapple, ham, chicken and raisin fried rice. Even their tea and coffee was good!

What a delicious start to the day! As the Tree Monkeys Restaurant is situated in the Tropical Spice Garden, there is a delicious spice and gift shop that you can look through while you wait for your food or digest after. The shop smelled glorious, herbs and spices out for the touching and the books, clothing and toys actually tempted me to spend money!

Check out our map to find out exactly where the Tree Monkeys Restaurant at Tropical Spice Garden is.

Nellcis Home Made Snacks @ Red Garden Food Court Cake Maker

Nellcis Home Made Snacks @ Red Garden Food Court

Good cake can be hard to come by in Asia. Someone at our guest house suggested the Red Garden Food Court so we went there for dinner. While wandering around selecting our meals we noticed a small cake shop tucked away in the corner. We were still hungry after dinner so decided to have a little dessert.

Durian is a common fruit throughout south east Asia. Its famous for its odd combination of pleasant taste and unpleasant aroma. So when we saw that he had Durian cake we had to try it. It was a little odd at first but definitely delicious. The combination of cream, sponge cake and Durian is surprisingly pleasant.

We were in fact so impressed with the cake that we returned to the Red Garden another night purely to get a piece of cake. The second time around it was black forest cake. This was also delicious but couldn't match the curious pleasure of Durian cake.

Judging by the steady stream of customers the gentleman, who we dubbed “the cake man”, will be kept busy for as long as he keeps the cakes coming.

Jaya Restoran Meal

Jaya Restoran on Jalan Penang in Georgetown, Penang is one of those restaurants that you are truly happy to find. Not only is it open 24 hours but the restaurants menu has some written English, helpful pictures and cheap prices.

The food may not have been the tastiest Indian we have had whilst in Malaysia, but the ease of ordering our meals certainly made up for it.

The restaurant is run by a number of Indian men with a woman behind the register counter. Customers sit themselves down, eat, drink and smoke, ashing on the ground, get up, pay then leave just as quickly.  The customer turnover is fantastic for people watching.

Jaya Restoran on Jalan Penang in Georgetown, Penang is certainly a place you should visit if you are in need of an easy meal. One that makes you feel better every now and then.

To find Jaya Restoran, click through this link for our google map of Food Glorious Food in Penang.

Cooking up a storm @ Cafe Little Angel

Cafe Little Angel is a restaurant that we often walked past as it was at the end of our street on Lone Lane in Georgetown, Penang. We didn't walk past it because we didn't want to go in but because there is more to Georgetown than just Love Lane!  I am very glad that we finally stopped to eat here. In fact, we ate here 3 more times after our first meal. Tasty, cheap and with entertainment as well.

There is seriously nothing like watching someone cook your meal especially when they actually enjoy cooking. This man showed as much enthusiasm in cooking food at 10am as at 6pm.  The ladies working in the restaurant were also great. All of them spoke great English which made it easy for us to communicate with them. One of the ladies certainly enjoyed it when tall light and handsome foreign men came in, flirting and carrying on. Entertainment!

We really recommend Cafe Little Angel, check out our map for location details.

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