Food Glorious Food In Penang, Malaysia (Part 1)

Walking the minuscule streets in Georgetown, Penang

Arriving in Georgetown on Pilau Pinang (Penang), Malaysia, was actually a bit of a shock for us. We had spent just over a week lapping up the relaxing life on a very quiet island in the south of the west coast of Malaysia, Pulau Pangkor. We really didn't do much there at all. Seeing Penang from the ferry from mainland Malaysia was a different story. We could see that we were going to be kept very busy every day, all the tall buildings meant that we were going to have something to do and see every day!

Georgetown, Penang, is a very pretty city. Some streets look almost like European historical buildings from Prague or Edinburgh, where as others have classical Chinese façades making you gape in awe at their beauty. We did not grow tired of walking around Georgetown. There really was a lot to see, do, and of course, eat!

This article is part one of two called “Food Glorious Food in Penang, Malaysia”. Penang is well known for its culinary delights and we will be happily sharing with you our favourite meals we had in Penang. Mmm Food! Enjoy the rest of the post as well as the video we created of some of our time on Pilau Pinang, (Penang), Malaysia.

Fort Cornwallis was a lovely place to visit in Georgetown, Penang. It is an oddly star shaped fort that used to be surrounded by a moat but was filled in due to a deadly outbreak of malaria in the area. It was originally built as a defence mechanism from those nasty pirates of the sea, however, for most of its time it has been used as an administrative area for the governments of the time.  A lovely chapel was built in the fort when Francis Light took ownership of Penang.  It was the first chapel to be built on Penang.

By the time we reached Penang, we had been on the road or ocean for over a month, needless to say, we were needing food from home. You could say that we were missing Australia, in particular, home cooked meals from our parents and a touch of fast food. Pasta and KFC was in order!

We found a fantastic little restaurant called Micke's Place which is on Lebuh Love in Georgetown. Lebuh Love is more commonly known as Love Lane. There are many interpretations of why the street is called Love Lane, we prefer to think of the lane being called Lebuh Love as it was where all the original girly places were set up for the colony at the time.

Back to Micke's Place, I (Tanya) saw the sign for Pasta Neopolitana, walked in, ordered it, and ate it. Delicious. Not quite like what mamma makes, but good enough to want another bowl once I had finished it!

To find Micke's Place on Lebuh Love, Georgetown, Penang, check out our google map of glorious food in Penang through this link.

Apart from the pasta and KFC we ate, it was back to local food for us.  Loh Mee Noodles was tried, and we both decided that the noodle meal was very tasty indeed. To look at the bowl put in front of us, we were very worried that we had ordered something resembling noodles, gravy glue and perhaps offal. Alas, a bowl of rice and egg noodles, a thick broth, an egg, sliced meat and bean sprouts was what we received.

Loh Mee Noodles

The best Loh Mee Noodles we had whilst in Penang can be sourced via our google map of food in Penang. We are unsure of the name of the restaurant hence it is just called Loh Mee Noodles. Click through here for the map.

Little India in Georgetown is a great place to visit, especially at night time when the dvd shops start blaring out their Bollywood films and soundtracks, local people are out dining at the restaurants and the smell of incense is at its fullest.

Here you can purchase not only savoury meals but also Indian sweets off the “Indian Sweet Lady” as I like to call her. The range is immense, and as you will see in the video to follow, we tried Dhal Sweets that were surprisingly good!

Little India can also be found via our map,

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