Flying Air Asia From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Taipei, Taiwan

Our flight base seems to be Kuala Lumpur. The majority of our flights from and to Perth go via Kuala Lumpur. It seemed only fitting that we would fly to Taipei from Kuala Lumpur too. It was the cheapest flight after all. That is important to us!

Apart from the cheapness of the fares (they were very cheap), we really enjoyed our flight. Some people dislike Air Asia because of their no frills attitude. We don't mind it. A little pre-planning is all that is required. When you book your flight, if you will be on the plane for less than two hours, book one meal. By the time you eat the flight will almost be over. If more than two hours, maybe even buy two meals. This does cut into the money you saved but eating on the plane makes a world of difference. Air Asia does a surprisingly good Nasi Lemak.

Yes, the seats and leg space are not exactly spacious. Most airlines aren't these days. Unless you are seven feet tall you “should” be able to hack the leg room for a few hours. Andrew does. Flying is the one time I'm really grateful for my petite stature. If its really an issue consider the fancier seats that Air Asia offers. They even have bed pod things these days. We have booked them for our Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo flight and can't wait to try them out!

Back to our flight. It took four hours to fly between Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. We had some food, listened to a podcast or three and read our books. Bringing your own entertainment is very important. A combination of a kindle or a dead tree book supplemented by an mp3 player with a few podcasts queued up should see you through. Showing up with nothing to read or do is a sure fire way to have a long tedious flight. Before arriving in Taipei I finished a novel and gave it to a flight attendant to read.

Dear Flight Attendant, I am sorry for the really bad novel. Sincerely, Tanya.

Another thing you should consider is only bringing a carry-on cabin sized bag. Check out the photo below. They are our two backpacks in an overhead luggage compartment with heaps of room still (in both bag and compartment). Travelling like this has definitely improved our flight enjoyment levels. Instead of having to check our luggage and hoping that it all arrives at the our destination we can leave the plane knowing that our belongings are with us at all times. It also means no more accidentally leaving something you wanted for the flight in your checked bag.

So, Air Asia. We have no problem flying with you. We do wish that your arrival and departure halls were not separate from the main terminals at some airports but we are happy with your service and, of course, the price. See you for our next flight, from Taipei to… we really should figure that out.

6 thoughts on “Flying Air Asia From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Hi guys! How it your first flight with the airlines? How much, if I might ask, did you pay for the flight tickets? I always book Asian flights with AirAsia. My favourite airlines.

    1. Hi Agness. We have flown Air Asia many times! I believe our tickets from KL to Taipei were about AUD$200 each. Quite cheap really!

  2. Is Air Asia strict about the size and weight of the carry-on bags? I’m just thinking about how light I need to pack for my trip to Vietnam and Thailand.

    1. They are fairly strict however we did get away with our backpacks as carry on luggage. All we had to do was make sure all the straps were really tight so to condense the bags even more. As for weight, if you travel with a laptop, you can take that out of your bag as well.. Laptops are considered separate from your bag! Have a great time 🙂

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the great post! I read your comment about luggage actually arriving at the place it’s supposed to arrive. Does it get lost often with Air Asia? And I don’t know if you’re planning to go to China or fly through Guangzhou but watch out for that airport, luggage gets often lost there!

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! Neither of us has ever lost luggage when checking in our bags at the airport. I do think that it could happen easily when you transfer planes through. Very easy to do! We prefer to have carry on luggage only as a) we can’t being too much stuff with us, and b) we always know where our laptops are. We have our bags with us when we are on buses too, just put them between our legs.

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