Finding Time For Your Online Course

Studying online is tough. Tougher than I realized. My house is full of distractions. The TV is on, my wife wants regular updates about what I'm learning, unread emails are piling up, the rest of the Internet beckons and the other work I need to do isn't going anywhere. I'm guessing its pretty similar wherever you are.

So how do you find the time for your online course?

Begin by prioritizing your course. Your friends will wait. Chances are anything on TV isn't going to change your life. Just for the duration of the course you have to make it number 1.

Next, schedule time for your course. Don't book anything else for that time. No drinks after work. No catching up with family. If you schedule Tuesday night to be a study night then make sure you have clean undies for Wednesday on Monday.

Finally, make the most of your marginal time. This is the fifteen minutes in the morning before you go to work. Its the 20 minutes you can do at work if you take a shorter lunch break. These little slices of time add up and can really boost your overall productivity.

Studying online is definitely tough. However, with proper planning and dedication you can do it 🙂

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