Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, Melaka, Malaysia

When in Melaka, you do what the Melakans do… you eat Chicken Rice Balls!

Chicken Rice Balls is basically Hainanese Chicken or Roasted Chicken served with balls of chicken rice. (Rice cooked in chicken stock then rolled into balls).

They are surprisingly tasty, a little odd and fun to eat. I am not sure if this is true, however, I think someone came up with the idea of rolling rice up into balls for the farm workers, so that all they had to do was pop a ball of rice in their mouth instead of having to deal with grains of rice all the time. Smart idea really.

This restaurant РFamosa Chicken Rice Ball РChicken rice balls weren't really that remarkable unfortunately. They were a little dry and too packed for my liking. What makes this place really special is the restaurant itself. Of course, we did not take any photos of the place, however, here is a link to their website so that you can see the beauty in its glory [link].

 To find Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant in Melaka, Malaysia, please see our Melaka Food Map.

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