Family Travel Roadshow 002: Baby Proofing With Tape

The Family Travel Roadshow Podcast Episode 002 Baby Proofing With Tape Shorter

In today's episode we are providing a list of easy ways to use boring old sticky tape to baby proof a hotel room or a short term apartment rental. We have had plenty of experience baby proofing in a hurry while trying to make a new space safe for a very active toddler. Hopefully you can benefit from our hard won experience.

Child proofing can be a complicated process and there is an abundance of baby proofing supplies for sale to help you make your place safe for your little ones. It does not give perfect results but we will show you how you can get a surprisingly good result with nothing but a little common sense and a roll of tape, whether it be duct tape, painters tape, or whatever else you have to hand.

We will teach you our simple method for baby proofing cabinets, baby proofing drawers, covering a power plug and even dealing with a pesky lamp or electric kettle cord.

As an added bonus there are a few extra tips that should definitely be on your baby proofing checklist.

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Our stay at Shangri-La's Golden Sands Resort inspired this episode. It is a really nice place right on Batu Ferringhi beach in Penang.


Some things you can just put away before releasing your child to explore.


This pair of cabinet handles are about to be sealed by having tape looped around the two handles.


These are conventional power plug plugs for baby proofing. Zoe is somehow able to remove these.


A power plug that we taped up with masking tape for extra invisible-ness.


Baby proofing of last resort. This is gaffer tape over a pair of power plugs. No one, child or adult, is getting into this in a hurry.


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