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Family Travel - Bunbury Lookout
Family Travel – Bunbury Lookout


Over the past few years I have followed many travelling families who have blogged their way around the world. Now that we will be introducing a new member to our own travelling family, I just can’t stop reading.

This is a serious problem as it is taking up a lot of my own travel blog writing time, study time, online shopping time and, of course, the time I spend with Andrew. On the upside, I have gained a lot of knowledge about how to travel with a little one (or two or more), what to pack and what not to pack.

In no particular order, the below list of websites are those that I/we read often… Thank you fellow writers! Some are full time travel families while others blog about family life including homeschooling / unschooling.

I know that there are way more family / family travel blogs out there… feel free to add links in the comment field below.


9 thoughts on “Family Travel Blogs We Love To Read

  1. Thanks for this great collection of useful blogs. I am fascinated by the novel lifestyle of the family of Amy and Jarrad. Pretty interesting people.

  2. I just stumbled upon this. Thanks so much for including us and I am happy to hear you like reading about us even though it take up too much time 😉 I know I could not stop reading family travel blogs before I started travelling with kids myself.

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