Drinking Medicinal Tea In Georgetown, Penang In Malaysia

1 cup of mud please

We have tried traditional medicinal tea in Thailand so when we saw it in Penang we figured we'd give it another go. Short of some nasty allergic reaction it could only do us good.

It's an odd concoction. Its flavor could be described as “earthy”. The effects seem to include alternating waves of tingling and numbness in your mouth and throat and sweating, lots of sweating. If you wander in and have a cup after spending all day roaming the streets of Penang in the Malaysian heat and think “I couldn't possibly be sweating any more than I am now” you would be wrong.

I'd be lying if I said we'd noticed any great health benefits. Maybe you need to drink it regularly. Maybe its all just a placebo. Whatever the situation it didn't seem to do us any harm. Given that its ingredients are something of a mystery that may be the best we could have hoped for.

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  1. what restaurant did you buy that from? what’s the address of the resto? and how much? thanks in advance 🙂

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