Dinner At Clinic Cafe In Georgetown, Penang

Clinic Cafe. Note the mood lighting.

Tanya and I both have a soft spot for theme restaurants. Sometimes they're fantastic, sometimes they're tacky but they're always an interesting experience regardless of whether or not they're actually a good restaurant. In Melaka we went to T-Bowl, a toilet themed restaurant. In Penang it was Clinic Cafe, a hospital themed restaurant.

Even now after I've had some time to think about Clinic Cafe I'm not sure its a winner. It's certainly interesting to see how they've incorporated the theme into every aspect of the restaurant but, personally, I don't find hospitals all that appetite inducing. Maybe if there were a more naughty nurses and less scalpels and syringes.

Syringing tomato sauce onto fish and chips

It seems to be a child friendly restaurant so consider it if you have kids who need entertaining while you eat. Between the wheelchairs and the cartoons there should be plenty to hold their attention. And this is one place you don't have to worry about the kids making a mess. Between all the stainless steel, plastic and vinyl the whole place looks like it could be wiped down in a matter of minutes.

A local kid getting into the theme

Even if it isn't a revolution in dining Clinic Cafe is still worth a visit. Don't expect it to be the best meal ever but, if you're in Penang, check it out in Gurney Plaza shopping center. Let me know if those naughty nurses ever show up.

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