Dim Sum In Chumphon, Thailand

Delicious Dim Sum in Chumphon, Thailand

Dim Sum can be found almost everywhere in the world. We're big fans and seek it out now and then anywhere we are. There were two very busy dim sum places near the hotel we were staying at in Chumphon, Thailand, so we seized the opportunity to get our fix.

It was really excellent. The food was delicious, there was a good range available and the bill was remarkably low. In particular the sticky rice was excellent. That's important to both of us and good sticky rice sets us up for a good dim sum experience.

Choosing Chinese dim sum in Thailand was a lot of fun. There was a lot of pointing, giggling on their behalf and many “Why not!” from us. When you get over the language barrier, choosing the steamer baskets full of dim sum is remarkably easy. We found the Dim Sum in Chumphon was mainly prawn (or shrimp), pork or a mixture of both. You could still get chickens feet of course. And for those who are vegetarian, tofu dim sum is on offer with a side serving of pork.

At 14 Baht per plate of dim sum, 8 plates for 112 Baht was nothing. As I write this, I want more.

Choosing from the many steamers of Dim Sum on offer.

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